Raineman’s Rant: Tom Brady is a Quarterback

Aroundthebean.com editor and chief Kareem Desroches sounds off on Tom Brady’s snub of the White House in this week’s Raineman’s Rant. Is this really an issue? Or just click bait for BS media outlets? Read on to find out.

This just in: Tom Brady is a Quarterback.

Brady did not travel with the team to the White House this week. I am guessing that this will be a media storm as the media has NOTHING to talk about. But let’s get something clear:

Tom Brady is a QUARTERBACK. He is not an elected official. He is not a police commissioner. He is not a crooked senator. He is a QUARTERBACK. I will use this moment to CRAP on the media, as they seem to care more about what is “trending” versus what is “important.” Tom Brady misses his chance to shake Barack Obama’s hand, and this is more important than all of the corruption going on in society? Why? Because it produces twitter follows? Because it actually matters in the grand scheme of things??

They write about it because people JUMP on stories like this. NOT because it matters at all. Tom Brady is a future first-ballot hall of famer. Tom Brady is one of the best QB’s in the league CURRENTLY and is arguably the best of all time. But Tom Brady does not sign anyone’s paychecks. Tom Brady does not write our laws, and he does not impact the curriculum in the schools that our children attend. The officials that DO impact those things do not get ANY attention from the media.

I do not know if Tom Brady not attending the White House visit was intentional, nor do I CARE. He is a FOOTBALL PLAYER. I do not care about his political opinions, I just want him to win games. Garbage media outlets should find some other BS topic to turn into a headline.

UPDATE: After completing this post, the New York Post offered their take on this topic. Hate on, haters! : )


Can OFWGKTA See the Future?

tyler coachella 2015 @ www.JPLimeProductions.comTyler, the Creator had himself a blast this past weekend, hitting the stage for the second weekend of Coachella with some of his Odd Future “bandmates”. Adding to a colorful oversized bedroom stage set that included the above racecar patterned in wild, silly colors, Tyler made headlines by berating Kendell Jenner and other audience members of the high-priced VIP section.

It turns out the two are actually friends, playing a game of Twitter make-up after the show, but that doesn’t serve to dilute his remarks any. In the month prior to the Coachella Music Festival, the hip-hop collective known as Odd Future saw the release of its leader’s fourth album Cherry Bomb as well as the return of Earl Sweatshirt with his third (second on a major label), I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. In total since 2008 the collective has released 19 projects, with smaller groups and duos inside the main collective, continuing to rise in popularity despite an underground attitude. So what is it that Tyler and Odd Future have been doing right to contribute to their success?

They burst onto the scene with a certain sensibility – indie, alternative, nerdy, horrorcore, however you want to label it – and haven’t yet changed that for anyone. Their youth is helpful in this respect, feeding a bold brashness and a desire to not give a fuck about anyone’s opinions outside of OF. That stubbornness is key to creating the cult following that has earned them their success. Part Beastie Boys, part Wu-Tang, with some Louis C.K., Hannibal Burress, Frank Zappa, Wes Anderson, Andy Kaufman thrown in for good balance- this is what one might imagine the crew is dumping into the blender and sucking down at the beginning of the “EARL” video. There is an identity to the OF brand and while it may be difficult to pinpoint, it is certainly their own. Their live show is a large contributing factor, which feels more punk rock than underground Hip Hop, complete with moshing, frequent stage-diving, berating the audience (see above), screaming vocals, and smashing shit. But to call them punk rap is too simple. There is an element of nerdy, Alternative Rap, of bright colors and offbeat senses of humor, of saying “Fuck You but not just fuck you, there’s more to it than that”. I was first struck by Tyler’s strong PR persona when I saw a video of him at this year’s ReCode tech conference. I had read plenty about and from him but hadn’t yet seen him in interview format. What comes across when you see him in this context, perhaps even stronger than his ambition, is his confidence as he speaks about what’s coming next for OF and the music industry at large. Also worth checking out is his recent interview with Tavis Smiley, where he talks about some musical influences and the plethora of entrepreneurial avenues he’ll soon be exploring:

Everything, I’m making everything. Name something and I bet you I’ll make it… Clothes, furniture, a magazine, music, I’ma start a band next year… I’ma do kitchen stuff, I’m working on cars… I hope Bic sees this, I’m trying to do some things with their markers… I wanna design the inside of the spaceship furniture…

Tyler’s most recent innovation is the Golf Media App, which allows him to stream music and other content directly to his fans. That unfiltered line of communication has been a defining characteristic of OF’s success, beginning with the early days of the Tumblr account where they’ve released more than a dozen free mixtapes and albums directly to their fans. Tyler has said Golf Media is “basically [his] brain in one place. It does just about everything except cure asthma” and each subscription comes with a free copy of the also brand new Golf Magazine. The early word was that it had more first day app subscribers than TIDAL, recently launched by Jay-Z and others. How much of OF’s music will be filtered through the app remains to be seen and is dependent on their subscription growth, but the boy is on his grind.

But this all seems to be a lot of talk about Tyler, as opposed to the Odd Future gang as a whole. Is this indicative of something?

CONTINUE READING for Earl Sweatshirt, Cherry Bomb and what comes next…

Bartleby Third Entry – Larry Jesus Esta Aqui

space outside great hallI’m winning right now. Nobody can stop me. Not the army the navy or even the combined forces of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers plus some mythical machination of a Mensa oboist from Odessa playing Magic the Gathering. I’m Don Juan Larry Jesus and you better believe it. The legend is still being hated on created by the masterpiece himself and copied by sucker beatniks and punkfucks bullshitting on their soul. Glory is mine and I try to shower these punkfucks but their ears are busy, they ain’t trying to listen to this gold. Fool on me for trying to give it out for nothing and getting mad when they don’t bite. It only means they wanna pay for it so now it’s time to charge for the offering. The energy is real in the building and the arena, the atmosphere is teeming with ether like energy, sop it up its for you. Great things are coming just keep the mind positive and focused on what you want. The millions are yours and they are in entertainment.

The beatniks are approaching humming and running rapping in their 90’s garb trying to prove something new. New is the fashion. New is the defining mechanism. But new is quickly getting lost refurbished and cheap. It’s funky when the new new ain’t quite that clean. I hope the people realize the new isn’t always what it seems. I like my older tshirts and jeans. Old signs have a way of meaning what they mean. My street is new to someone but it’s a home to me. Winter comes and I hate to see the green leave. But seasons come and go especially in the northeast. Life is changing fast or slow. I don’t mind the new but I do love some old.

My tea keeps me hot. Well at least my mouth for a bit then I get colder apparently according to scientists…. Yeah.
My hat keeps me hot. I usually wear a hat but for some reason you shouldn’t wear hats inside out of a form of respect but I’m pretty sure that respect was in the smaller domicile in which that law or custom was made where heat was not flying around and escaping as in our larger more hectic or uncaring and misheated and mistreated structures of today. Respect goes out the window with the heat. I’m keeping my hat on.
I love bacon and I love ice cream; If I want to eat the two together and suffer the consequences then allow me. Thank you. Life confession and request.
My cat is on a mission to throw my balance off kilter and/or take me out.
I may have gotten a little out of hand with my Vietnamese BA-le cravings and acquisitions
Cravings and Acquistions is a great name for a store ….
Your boy Larry Jesus is balling right now metaphysical with the money mind raking in the millions naw mean. She wanna do the raki on me too. I’m with it. It all looks very beneficial for your boy right now. Im a man baby. Im a man, baby, them titties look real nice!! Larry Jesus is chillin and you know it’s jésus when it’s callente si si yo soy winning ( t- shirt) with the Larry Jesus cause it sounds dope!


Click below for the first appearance of Bartleby:


Rap Flashback, April Edition

Ladies and gentlemen of Lime Nation, we’re glad to be able to say that today the #RapFlashback turns 1 year old!  It was in April of last year that we began delivering your monthly dose of Hip Hop History.  For a look back at where we’ve been over the last 12 months, check out the Rap Flashback archives.

This month we cover two April releases that are important to Hip Hop in Public Enemy’s ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ and Das EFX ‘Dead Serious’.  We also look at the four Hip Hop groups selected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, three of them in April.  PRESS PLAY to watch the full Rap Flashback or CLICK BELOW to enjoy it in smaller slices.  And please, Lime On.

CLICK HERE to watch the Rap Flashback in smaller pieces…

Clean Space

Space solo @ www.JPLimeProductions.com  I want to touch that spot that no one knows about.  You know the spot reserved in the room in your mind.  It’s been held before and treated well, even upgraded. Sometimes the person had to leave early and that wasn’t perfect, but things seldom are within four walls.  It’s been cluttered for so long it looks like an editor’s closet teeming to the sills with saved words.  Dares, jokes, innuendos, proverbs, comments, promises, and side remarks sprinkled with love notes have popped up in the car, room, and other random private spots or stranger’s conversation. What can I say?  They’re there now and they’ll be boomerangs for ever causing heart pangs. The heart is a muscle, you gotta work it out though. You’re tough.  There’s room there too and all that other stuff was just good exercise.
     I cleaned my room out this past spring.  It’s really one big day of recycling.  Psych.  But you’ll get there.  Hearts and cards and hugs and stickers – damn the stickers if you used em – it’s either scrape or stare.  You shouldn’t be a sticker hater in life though.  We all wanna stick somewhere.  It’s bananas when an adhesive and a caricature can derail your whole brain functioning.  Another high and low to being human I guess, suckers to the senses.  Scented stickers and objects are a radically different beast.  If you have any of those you are actually playing with emotional fire. Best of luck and careful when handling.  You also shouldn’t operate machinery or attend to any matters that require attention to fine details.
     This now sounds like the antithesis of the start but it’s not.  A sound mind is the start to anything.  Maybe others are different but the spark in nearly anything originates in the mind to me. As one who habitually dwells in his own cerebellum, I’m definitely looking for the planetary compliments to my pictures and thoughts. I’m definitely to blame for floating sometimes, I drift, Spaceman and all…. Go figure.  Keep me grounded, support me in being well rounded and let me fly, but guard my fall and I promise to do the same for you headed to the stars.  That journey for two definitely starts with the individual though.  You have to make sure your jet pack can go by itself first.  Otherwise the mission is a jump from bust.  Clearly we need some sound individual fundamentals and failsafes before we venture off into space.  So, check your procedures and equipment routinely to avoid any unnecessary problems.  I’m still going through all of my protocols so I’m definitely no expert. The great thing I heard is that a good partner watches out for all of your blind spots, so even if you’re a little messy one day you should come out okay.

A Verse from Cowboy

The JPL family goes well beyond our central three members.  Check out this verse from emcee and OL (Original Lime), Cowboy.


The Boston Celtics In The Playoffs Always Matter

Celtics Playoff BirthWhat a year it’s been for the Boston Celtics! Remember all the rebuild talk from the past 18 months? Well, they’re still rebuilding. The Celtics are not a Championship caliber team as currently constructed. Conventional wisdom states that the worst thing a franchise can go through during a rebuild is making the playoffs as a lower seed. Doing so eliminates any possibility of landing a lottery pick in the upcoming draft. In the NBA, if you’re rebuilding and you win too much you typically end up in standings limbo; too good to draft a stud but nowhere near good enough to legitimately contend for a title.

Usually when a franchise finds itself in this predicament, the team’s gutted. Players are traded for cents on the dollar until the end result is a bottom-feeder headed for the lottery. So what’s going on with the Celtics? In a city like Boston, where Championships are expected, and especially for a franchise like the 17 time World Champion Boston Celtics, being a mid-tier club is obviously not the goal. The fans expect titles and everyone from management right down to the players and their towel boy wants to win sooner than later. That said however, given that the Cs are headed to the playoffs for a first round match-up against the Lebron James led Cleveland Cavaliers, let’s look back at what a whirlwind of a season it’s been and discuss some key reasons why a playoff berth will actually benefit this team, rebuild or not.

For starters, let’s take a quick look at how much the opening day roster has changed. The most notable departures have been former team captain and starting point guard Rajon Rondo, a 4 time all star who was also the last remaining link to the 2008 Championship team, and last year’s leading scorer, starting forward Jeff Green. That’s right, not just 2 starters, but arguably the two most talented players on the roster fell victim to President of Basketball Operation Danny Ainge’s master plan. “Trader Danny” would strike again, as center Vitor Faverani, rookie power forward Dwight Powell, and shooting guard Marcus Thornton, a guy who provided instant offense off the bench were also released or dealt away. Conversely, Ainge has acquired shooting guard Chris Babb, small forward Luigi Datome, power forward and deep threat Jonas Jerebko, and most importantly small forwards Jae Crowder and point guard Isaiah Thomas to round out the roster for the playoff push.

Crowder ThomasThey join the likes of standout rookie point guard Marcus Smart, a very good defender and shooting guard Avery Bradley, a defensive specialist who’s offense has really broken through this year. Versatile guard Evan Turner, who can play both guard spots along with Phil Pressey round out the guard position. Tyler Zeller, a fundamentally sound workhorse who won’t wow you with his stats or win many style points, but is always in the right position to make a play joins power forward Brandon Bass, 2nd year center Kelly Olynyk, and 3rd year power forward Jared Sullinger, who recently returned from a leg injury on the front court. Rookie wing player James Young, who’s bounced back and forth between the main roster and its D-League affiliate, The Maine Red Claws, and seldom used forward Gerald Wallace complete the roster.

As you can see, the team has changed quite a bit over the course of the year and lacks an all-star. For a while, it seemed like head coach Brad Stevens had to deal with a new set of players every other week. It’s incredibly difficult to establish any sort of continuity when so many moves occur right smack in the middle of the season. As late as February 3rd, a bit over the midway point of the season, their record of 16 wins and 30 losses reflected this constant shifting of personnel.

Since then however the Celtics have righted the ship. Rather than bottoming out and setting their sights on the lottery again, the Celtics have improved their play, established some semblance of consistency and have gone 23-12. Somehow, some way, despite a slew of in-season moves, a young, relatively inexperienced roster, and a 2nd year coach, the Boston Celtics are looking to become the spoilers of the Eastern Conference. They may not be the team that nobody wants to play just yet, but they’ve made some strides and are primed for a playoff run. As previously noted, many will argue that making the post season is not a good move for a team on the rebuild. I beg to differ, and here’s why.

Celtics 2015 Playoffs


The Oddball Show – Safe Places For Poets

Streamed live on Apr 9, 2015

Right smack in the middle of National Poetry Month, our inaugural podcast, featuring renowned local poet Didi Delgado, focused on a discussion of ‘safe spaces’ for poets. Given recent controversies from Greater Boston’s poetry scene as well as some issues up north involving noted Canadian poet Greg “Ritallin” Frankson, we talked about what makes poets feel uncomfortable and whether there are any attainable solutions. How heavily do race, sexual orientation, and economic class weigh? Should it be understood that if you’re at a slam poetry event, you might hear something that’s fundamentally at odds with your core values? And what are some of the parallels and differences between poetry battles and Hip Hop battles? It’s all rooted in art and rhymes, no? Or is there a fine line between being artful and personally attacking others? Didi and the the Oddballs tackle these question and much more.

Poetry, Hip Hop, Sports, and Entertainment from your boys at The Oddball Show. Join the discussion at:

Jagged Thoughts #70: Clear My Skies (Happy 35)

oddball_jagged_thoughts_train_middle (1)Happy (belated) Birthday to our good friend Jason Wright of Oddball Magazine!  For Jagged Thoughts #70, the poet looks at the world through fresh, 35-year-old eyes.  Find more from the region’s best nonstop source for poetry at OddballMagazine.com.


My birthday
Thinking of things to comprehend,
to change, and amend,
while my hair slowly turns.

Big screen monsters took a room in my brain
checking in and plan to stay in,
this Nevertown Hotel.
Where all my thoughts play for shells.
Where seashells are the currency.
And there is nothing that I can see,
that matters but the deep sea.
Reality? I am alone in infant state
Wish I had a more meaningful life,
But you can only test fate so far.
They say you can only die one death,
I have died a million, like stars.

I have said “rhymes all the time”
In freestyle.
Sounds so weak, and I can’t deny it.
I am not a emcee,
I’m a poet at a riot.
I am sick of staying quiet.
Wish I could feel something
Something I could hold on to
That will take the rain too.

That will take the rain and sunshine
And let it clear my clouded mind.
Wipers for eyes,
Clear my skies.

The sun is taking its time,
To make my melatonin less melancholy
and my serotonin less sad,
and my dopamine levels
up and down, bipolar like my dad.

The water in my eyes,
From writing that rhyme….
Oh man, what have I done with my life?
This is the only life I have.
This is the life.

When the world I was ignorant too
Made me feel indigo.
Made me feel like the blue skies
were everlasting.
and my mind was a diamond mine.

But there is something about this Nevertown sky
grey today
like angel eyes

Really makes me feel at home.

Happy 35.

oddball and lime together @ www.JPLimeProductions.com6

The Fresh Prince of Storytelling

DJ Jazzy Jeff, the man I consider to be the best DJ ever to do it, recently mentioned that his homeboy, and partner inWill and Jazzy rhyme of course, Will Smith is one of the top 5 storytellers Hip Hop’s ever known. As a big fan of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, I’m always happy to come across stories like this because I personally feel that neither get the credit they deserve as true pioneers of Rap. As I’ve already mentioned, Jazzy Jeff has always been fantastic on the turntables, his trademark Transformer Scratch being my favorite example of skills, and with his Vinyl Destination series he does a great job of traveling the globe to bring us great stories and performances that keep something I like to call True School Hip Hop alive.

As far as Will goes, we all know he’s one of Hollywood’s top actors, but it’s when he’s in the news for Hip Hop that I’m most intrigued. As such, when I came across Jazzy Jeff’s comments I started thinking about some of Will’s storytelling moments on the mic. With that in mind, here’s a by no means exhaustive list of songs where Will Smith captures a moment and crafts a picturesque tale along with some standout lyrics that display Will’s brilliance at his craft.

Just The Two Of Us

On the first verse of this ode to his son, Will beautifully captures the strong emotions of angst, pride, and love that engulfed him when he became a father. He details the moment he first held his son, the car ride home from the hospital, and his first night with the newborn. He describes struggling with the car seat, being frustrated in traffic by aggressive drivers, and being so overcome with emotions that he couldn’t get any sleep. Poetic, vivid, and strong lyrics certainly drive this verse and as such it stands as a prime example of Will Smith’s storytelling talents.

From the first time the doctor placed you in my arms
I knew I’d meet death before I’d let you meet harm
Although questions arose in my mind, would I be man enough?
Against wrong, choose right and be standing up
From the hospital that first night
Took a hour just to get the car seat in right
People driving all fast, got me kinda upset
Got you home safe, placed you in your bassinet
That night I don’t think one wink I slept
As I slipped out my bed, to your crib I crept
Touched your head gently, felt my heart melt
Cause I know I loved you more than life itself

Parents Just Don’t Understand

zipsOne of his greatest and most memorable hits, “Parents Just Don’t Understand” serves as the most famous example of The Fresh Prince’s storytelling prowess. In fact, Will’s narrative of teenage rebellion and its inevitable consequences was so well told that pairing it with its colorful video led to the creation of the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as confirmed by Jazzy Jeff himself in this piece. Our choice lyrics finds a young Will going at it with his mom over school clothes, as he of course wants the flyest gear available and mom (who of course is more concerned about the family budget) not having it. You can almost see Will squirm as she picks out a pair of Zips.

We headed downtown to the Gallery Mall
MY mom started bugging with the clothes she chose
I didn’t say nothing at first
I just turned up my nose
She said, “What’s wrong? This shirt cost $20″
I said, “Mom, this shirt is plaid with a butterfly collar!”
The next half hour was the same old thing
My mother buying me clothes from 1963
And then she lost her mind and did the ultimate
I asked her for Adidas and she bought me Zips!
I said, “Mom, what are you doing, you’re ruining my rep”
She said, “You’re only sixteen, you don’t have a rep yet”
I said, “Mom, let’s put these clothes back, please”
She said “no, you go to school to learn not for a fashion show” 

You Saw My Blinker Bitch

On this track off their 1991 Homebase album, Will calmly, but angrily, and at times sarcastically tells a story about an old lady driving recklessly and causing an accident where his car gets the worst of the damage. With the declaration of “you saw my blinker bitch” closing each verse, it’s one of the few times you ever hear Will swear on a Rap song. He does censor himself however on the first verse, when instead of rapping “mad as shit” he uses the phrase “mad as hell”, despite the rhyme pattern calling for the s word given the previous two lines ended in “car got hit” and “happened so quick.” Gotta love Will. Even when he allowed himself to swear on a track, he still kept it as a PG as possible. In our choice lyrics, we find a pissed off Fresh Prince right after the accident occurred. A sympathetic cop takes the side of the old lady and this infuriates Will even more, but he tries his best to keep his cool. Even Will Smith can’t get the benefit of the doubt when there’s an old (presumably white) lady involved. Fun cinematic rhymes indeed.

We both pulled off on the side of the road
I was hot ready to explode
The only thing stopping me from breaking her nose
Is I was 21 and she was 90 years old
Then the police came turn the lights off
The lady started cryin’ and the cop got soft
The cop said ah it’ll be okay
Wrinkled old bag lookin’ like a charpe

I said wait what’s going on cop
Her car’s fine my car is wrecked
Then I saw what happened in the crash
Her dentures came out her mouth and got stuck in the dash
You hit me I didn’t hit you
Stop holding your neck lady you can’t sue
It’s your fault you caused all this
You saw my blinker bitch