The Underground Garden: UHURU AFRIKA

oddball and lime together @ www.JPLimeProductions.com6Care of our friends at Oddball Magazine and The Underground Garden, we are happy to hip to a vibrant musical voice on the Boston scene, UHURU AFRIKA. Read on and enjoy!


A blast like, The Big Bang, was the resulted combination of DJ Adam Gibbons, DJ Max Pela, VJ Jay Medina and Percussionist Sidy Maiga. UHURU AFRIKA was birthed and its guiding light has beamed in Cambridge, and now Jamaica Plain, for 7 years and glowing. But wait!! It’s not just Us that dance in the light, UHURU AFRIKA has brought people together in New York, Mexico, Chicago, and The Burning Man Festival, to name a few points on our Earth moved by The Diasporic Dancefloor Explosion.

Debuting in 2008 and since hosting an incredible program of talented and passionate singers, DJs and producers, UHURU AFRIKA is dedicated to honoring the Drum. They note their mission “is to bridge ancient traditional African music … and the electronic dancefloor sounds of today.” You got that right.

UHURU AFRIKA is a study in afro-rooted House. Every guest who has graced our city by way of UHURU AFRIKA should be considered a scholar in schooling dancefloors. Alongside sole resident Adam Gibbons with Sidy Maiga, the combination of collected and treasured music, hand on the drum, feet on the floor, love, sweat and song continues to keep UHURU AFRIKA strong, fresh, full of impact and our city’s devotion.

Creator and Resident Adam Gibbons speaks at The Underground Garden about his musical journey and Uhuru Afrika’s legacy.

READ MORE about Adam Gibbons, UHURA AFRIKA, and where to find them next…

The Oddball Show #7: Alexandra the Giant Wins the Battle Royal

The Oddball Show @ www.JPLimeProductions.comJoin our craziest livestream show yet with the Lime’s Scholar and Prof, Oddball Magazine‘s Jason Wright, Stone Soup Poetry’s Chad Parenteau and special guest Alexandra Naughton.

It all started with Episode 6, which briefly went into the topic of Pro Wrestling. Then there was the announcement for an upcoming anthology of poetry and prose about Pro Wrestling. This gave Chad the idea to have us contact Alexandra, a Bay Area poet who discussed Pro Wrestling with him the first time they met at a mutual reading gig. The call quickly becomes a breakdown of her one true wrestling hero, comic and performance artist Andy Kaufman. Along with Jerry Lawler and Billy Corgan, who is the subject of one of her poetry collections. And then the call breaks down into…well, it just breaks down, and hilariously so.

The conversation goes all over the place and many questions can be asked. Who is your favorite mark? Which celebrity musician turned poet is the worst? How many wresting anthems can we play spontaneously? Who is Alexandra’s roommate, and when can we talk with him? And most of all, did the hosts turn themselves into marks for an interview worthy of Kaufman? Did Alexandra turn into Kaufman? We’re too busy laughing to figure it out. We hope you laugh too.


Some pertinent links include:

Alexandra’s Tumblr page.

Purchase Alexandra’s books at Punk Hostage Press.

A poem movie based on her latest collection.

Follow her on Twitter.


She even has an IMDB page.

More information on the Beastcrawl poetry celebration.

Submit to the Working Stiff wrestling anthology.
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InnerSpace: Much Ado About Summer

Space solo @ www.JPLimeProductions.comYou see it? Yeah you do… You smell it? Of course you do unless your nose is the rarity that ‘doesn’t work’ or you have allergies … Sorry.  Otherwise, your nostrils are teeming with floral scents popping out in the air like fluorescents, firecracker smoke and loud packs.  The women are starting to pop out too; spaghetti straps, spandex and skirts make a short walk long for most men this time of year.  Ladies, I’m sure you’re getting your fair share of tank top and shirt off moments as well.  The smell of smoked meats are in the air, sounds of sizzling goods, cultural vibes and heat.  My friends, summer is here.  Play grounds, bees and cool folks are buzzing and everyone is bugging.  It’s time for block parties, really cold beverages, and going ham.
The question is always the same.  This summer am I the grasshopper or the ant?  The hot months are a time for relaxation and enjoyment, but definitely a critical time for folks who still have plans they would like to initiate and/or continue.  And the breeze that flies across your face as you walk across the parking lot letting the day go… savior like, winning.  Summer’s here.  It’s hot as a cramped third floor apartment with stuck windows, but life is beautiful.  To all my summer dissenters right now, go buy a spray fan and probably a spray tan or wear less clothes and let that fan rock!! I could say I side with you but I don’t. Aside from leather seats grilling leg meat like chicken on a Foreman, grab you’re favorite drink and chill haha.
I’m kinda amped, I’ll put that out there.  The sun makes me happy and I love nothing more than wonderfully beautiful spirits that enjoy awesome warm to hot weather. If the cold kills, then the heat thrills and I’m all about it.  Bicycles, festivals, frisbee, jet skis, beautiful smiles in the sun, yes, I will go on.  Magic is in the air, the flowers are blooming, latent desires shaking off their winter layers, summer’s splendor is here. If you have things to do that do not involve hiking, hula hoops, ice cream, movies or barbecue, then you’re still cool, just do it later.  Productivity usually wanes in the summer I would say but, if you use your fun as motivation to get things done, you could have a kick ass summer!  Lists tend to lend a little help to lost drifters.  Languid days usually crave kisses libido and lemonade.  There are so many hours in the day, make sure that you work and you play.  It is summer but it isn’t over.  Get it done then have fun!

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For some great Boston events all through June click here and to get you in the right Summer mindset, here’s “Liming On“:

Shoutouts to Swamp Ball – Salute J-Smoove


Click cover art to purchase track

A couple of months ago, as a result of our ongoing social media outreach efforts, we were fortunate to have come across an artist from Memphis, TN who’s doing some really great things as they relate to positivity and Hip Hop. Our album review on J-Smoove‘s 2014 release, #Elevate, was a great experience, as it exposed us to an artist from across the country who’s appreciative of Rap music with a worthwhile message, a sentiment we at JP Lime share. With that in mind, though admittedly and apologetically a little late, we’d like to salute J-Smoove for his recent collaboration with the legendary Chuck D on Swamp Ball, a rallying cry track for the 2015 Memphis Grizzlies’ playoff run.

We’re no stranger ourselves to rallying cry tracks (i.e. Black & Gold – 2011 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup song), so while we lament that the Grizzlies’ playoff fortunes weren’t so great this year, we’re happy to congratulate J-Smoove on his collaboration with Chuck D, an artist for whom we share the utmost admiration and respect. Click below to check out Swamp Ball, a fun track that pays homage to Memphis basketball legends such as the late Lorenzen Wright and Orlando Magic legend Penny Hardaway, while biggin’ up the Grizzlies’ current roster, most notably Zack Randolph aka Z-Bo. If you like it, it’s available for purchase directly from the artist here.

SWAMPball Soundcloud

Click to play

Music Videos, Three to See

Remember music videos? Remember when the “M” in MTV didn’t stand for “mundane”, when the network actually played videos? No? Well I don’t blame you, it’s been like 20 years. Sure, we all miss Hype Williams but the wonderful and diverse format hasn’t died, and its move to Youtube has grown it in both scope and number.
This week we bring you three new videos guaranteed to visually stimulate and reinvigorate your love for the artform.


“California Roll” – Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder

Uncle Snoopy gets things going with a retro look into future California as folks from 1946 are transported via a motion-action ride to a world adorned in Egyptian sensibility and style, laid under a thick cloak of Snoop’s Purple Haze. Starring the radiant Nia Long as the central passenger on the ride, the video provides an appropriately colorful accompaniment to the opening track of the Doggfather’s big, bouncy, hazy 13th studio album.


“L.S.D.” – A$AP Rocky

At.Long.La$t.A$AP, the sophomore album from A$AP Mob’s lead emcee was released this Monday at midnight, jumping its own announced release date by a week. There’s alot to be said about Rocky’s second album and the sprawling, syrupy trip that is A.L.L.A. flows directly through its psychedelic center, “L.$.D.”  The video for the lead single, co-directed by Rocky himself (along with Dexter Navy), is a cross between Lost in Translation and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, jumping from one sparkling image to another as the rapper and his Asian female companion wander the city. The track itself doesn’t feature any actual rapping from the emcee who instead sings over a mesmerizing beat from Jim Jonsin that moves like a tugboat and steals a note or two from 808’s and Heartbreak. The video, though, takes a timely break for Rocky to jump into a verse from “Excuse Me”, the next song on the album.  Tune in, turn on, Mob out.


“Early” – Run the Jewels

If you’re late to the RTJ scene, Run the Jewels is the collaboration between Killer Mike and El-P, each titans that have somehow maintained their “underground” identity. From their second album RTJ2, released last Fall, comes “Early”, a powerfully subdued track about police brutality. The video, in minimalist black, white, and red animation, was created by the design team Bug & Sluzzy from St. Louis, MO, and follows the song’s plot in a more specific way during Killer Mike’s first verse and a more general sense during El-P’s second half.


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Oddball Show 6 5: Poets With Disabilities

unnamedFrom our friends at Oddball Magazine, Chad Parenteau offers a recording from the recent Massachusetts Poetry Festival. Recorded on May 2, 2015, the panel was hosted by Colin Killick of the Disability Policy Consortium and featured poets SOUP member Hannah Brown, Ryk McIntyre, Flatline Poetry member Lewis Reginald Morris and The Oddball Show’s own Jason Wright.

The event description

Visit the SOUP website

Visit Flatline Poetry

Visit Oddball Magazine

Rap Flashback, May Edition

green cassette tape rap flashbackLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time once again to journey into Hip Hop’s fabled past with the Rap Flashback, May Edition.  This month we feature Boogie Down Production’s ‘By All Means Necessary’, the Beastie Boys’ ‘Ill Communication’, and we wish Rap’s May babies a Happy Bornday.  We also remember Jay-Z and Solange’s elevator fight video and look at Allen Iverson as a Hip Hop flag-bearer.  It’s your Old School Hip Hop fix, always with a twist of Lime.

PRESS PLAY to get the full dose or CLICK THE LINK to ingest the Flashback in smaller bites.

Album Releases, Hip Hop Moments, and Birthdays… CLICK HERE

InnerSpace: Joyous Poetry Lives in My Ear

Space @ www.JPLimeProductions.comI’m only human, but I think it’s a state of being that I forget about or deny sometimes as odd as that may sound. My mates, Scholar and Prof, mentioned that I should do this to really show the different sides of human nature, and hopefully this ‘space’ has caused you to think a little more about your inner space. So much happens in our daily activities and it’s so hard to express everything we want. This is where the poetry comes in for me; I can let my thoughts go along with the day and at the end maybe I’ll have something dope, but I’ll definitely feel better. This time I’ve offered a couple of poems from the cranial factory for your perusal, praise, or vilification. I definitely encourage you to try your own! You’ll find below issues of modern life and random associations, scents of money dope lines and candor. Also be prepared for varying hues of realism, buoyant optimism, and a dash of aggression. The poet thoroughly enjoyed putting these pieces together. Enjoy!


Pieces on paper

Money making me blinded knots and beats
Got plots intertwined thoughts covered in heat
Good fella disguise murder all in my speech
Revolted by rude displays and ravenous in the sheets
I’m plagued by the sentimental recording not for the weak
I’m blazing on fundamentals surpassing em with the speed
Combine no nfl combining life with the beat
Took timbos and daily drama and walk to my own creed
With pencil I found my dharma my demons getting released
Scrutinizing the human fell in love with the beast
Dehumanizing and feuding fell in love with the peace
It’s hard to come to decisions when your minds so weak
Takin time even harder when they find those chinks
Why we gotta have martyrs just to find those links
Rather communion over martinis, you can think on the drink…


Eleven Wishes

Granted eleven wishes I vowed to forever gift em been gifted since poltergeist and the mood is practice and listen was fishing for peace and quiet I realized you gotta get it now poems are fashioned in slaughter my skeptics the first exhibit
It’s mangoes and proper yupyup she love me she gotta get it I’m a motherfuckin beast I wanna all of it fuck a smidgen


Faith in my pen

I go in so open hearted my life’s in this track
Wish I did it more for her I know she’s hoping for that
In this fast forward culture it’s so hard to look back
And the hardest point of writing is we’re trenched in the past
But looking forward its just forewords epilogues and more prose
I need a little bit of volume when I work on the poem
Working from home is only dope when they ain’t at your door
I do it for the love and plus I’m nice as a mug
Always writing I be fighting just to shut the hell up
Cause there’s power in that silence … Ahh yeah
Oh baby but these words get bucks
Got em JP Lime branding on some grass roots tough
Word of the minute in their mouths so they wonder bout us
Went from the paper to the papers now they wanna be us
You wasn’t there when I was crying and my pride had me stuck
had to turn it all around and share to see what I’m worth


Living Breathing Poetry – Emilio Phoenicio

Screenshot_2015-05-18-19-41-19-1A few weeks ago at the Stone Soup Poetry Open Mic in Cambridge, MA  I had the pleasure of meeting an up and coming Greater Boston area poet by the name of Emilio Phoenicio. I watched him perform a few poems and found his reading style to be subdued yet charismatic, effortlessly painting vivid pictures with words without forcing the issue or going over the top. Emilio gives each piece exactly what it needs, utilizing a less is more approach to his performance style. In an age where many poets and musicians try to do much with their time at the mic, Emilio’s laid-back approach is both refreshing and calming. I was lucky enough to catch up with Emilio after his read and found him to be a very humble and intelligent guy.

When he mentioned that he had a poetry book coming out, I jumped at the opportunity to use this forum to help publicize his work in any way possible and after a few correspondences I’m happy to share with our readers two select poems from Living Breathing Poetry. For those interested in purchasing the book for the low cost of $10.00 + shipping and handling, Emilio asks that you contact him directly on his Facebook page or via email at

Before we get to Emilio’s poems, namely “Living Breathing Poem” (from where the book itself borrows its name) and my afro“The Jigsaw”, let’s learn a little bit more about our feature poet. Mr. Phoenicio just completed his Master’s of Divinity at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology this past May. He describes himself as “a deeply spiritual person” who loves to both laugh and make others laugh as well. His humor however is not represented in his poetry, which he warns is much deeper and “more intense” than his oft-jovial demeanor. We’re also happy to report that he’s a self-proclaimed “lover of Boston sports,” always a positive in our humble opinion here at JP Lime Productions.

Emilio cares deeply for others and wishes to have an authentic impact on those he comes across in his daily travels. He notes that he discovered his talent with words in the past couple of years and couldn’t be more grateful for it.  Lastly, Emilio enjoys inward reflection and strongly believes it is a necessity for his own personal existence. With that in mind, please do yourself a favor and check out his poetry. Based on the following two selections as well as his live readings at Stone Soup, we’re confident that you’ll find his writing style to be honest, creative, powerful, vivid, and introspective; ambrosia for the mind and soul if you will. Enjoy.

Living Breathing Poem

I am not a poet. I m a living, breathing poem,
And my essence is poetry.
I surpass forms and metrics and genres—
You cannot categorize me.

I’m well-timed, yet I remain timeless like Eternity—
And I’m delivered impeccably.

I have not made meaning, but I continue to make meaning.
I’m a scene that is always unfolding.
I am profundity Incarnate.

I’m direct, yet I remain ambiguous.
I’m not to be analyzed, but actualized. I’m vision and application—
I am animation brought to life.

My audacity provokes thought that leads to action and revolution.
I occupy the intellect and make my way down into your soul.
My impression is indelible.

I don’t strike a chord. I strum a melody in you.
I evoke emotion that is hidden. Not known.
I stir, and I buffet, yet I’m calm.

I’m not impressionable—yet I grow more impressive.
I’m not a poet. I’m a living, breathing poem that was inspired
Before the foundations were laid.

While I was in the womb, I was brainstormed before birth.
The editing of time was for my growing and pruning—
I am the first, the rough, and the final draft.

I am not a poet. I am a living, breathing poem that is not spoken, But witnessed. I’m not to be taught.
I teach.

To some in the present,
And to those waiting for sustenance in the future,
I am inspiration. I will be imitated; I allow you to plagiarize,
But do not dare deface me. That is unforgivable blasphemy.

I am not a poet. I am a living, breathing poem;
When criticized, I grow more resilient in my defiance.
I’m the living, breathing pillar
That masses gather to find support in.

I’m a living, breathing tradition
To be passed down from generation to generation.
There’s no need to translate me—
I know the universal language.

I am not a poet. I am a living, breathing poem.
I do not spark the flame of change, but—
I am the wick in which the flame burns to enlighten.

I can neither be forgotten nor remembered.
I exist in memory eternal.

The Jigsaw

Due to one grand boredom,
How I more than willingly took the invitation,
To come and see nature in its purest and barest level of beauty.
The peaks and valleys posed many challenges,
From one to another,
But the reward for reaching the next was ever-giving,
Never resending.
No matter how far I had to push my spirit’s capacity
To its limits and beyond, to find resilience that was hidden,
For the dagger in my heart that had been the source
Of the brokenness would not be my undoing.
It has transformed into an Excalibur which needs no removal,
In which my strength would generate and secrete from.
The mountains that formed
Would be moved from the foot’s stomping,
Which would jolt the plates underneath to collide
And shift them from before me.
I would not even think to look at them
Through the rearview mirror, for they had passed.
I don’t wish to become a pillar of salt.

I notice the sun that is trying to hide behind the tree,
But it cannot camouflage itself.
It steals a glance at me, so I glance back.
We are caught in stare-down. The intensity grows.
Neither of us wants to back down.

But I know that night time is its reaper.
It will come to take him soon—only briefly,
For it is born again as it passes through the womb in the dusk.
My reaper has not yet come,
And I cannot return to the cocoon that pruned my beauty,
For I try on a casket for size.
I must admit I do find it cozy.
In a way it will form into a new cocoon
That will prepare me for greater things;
For I know my life to be questionable,
I want to know if it is answerable in this life.
I find that my rational will not allow me to comprehend. However— I do not submit.

For with each day that descends before me,
There will be a journey that leads to a missing piece,
That will help solve the jigsaw puzzle.


The Oddball Show #6 – Deflategate and The Wells Report


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Streamed Live on May 14th, the Oddballs discussed the DeflateGate controversy, including issues with commissioner Roger Goodell, problems with the Wells Report, and public perception of Tom Brady.  Did he or anyone actually cheat?  Is that the biggest issue here? And somehow all that lead to a discussion on drunk cab drivers and professional wrestling.  Is the NFL the new WWE?  Or are the Oddballs having a few too many beers for this particular cast?  You decide.  Click below to catch up on all the oddities.

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