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    The Oddball Show with Mr. PSA

    On this edition of the podcast, the Oddballs are joined by someone who has made his name as an MC in the most classic sense of the term. Mr. PSA is a rapper, actor, and [...]
  • Art & Music

    Jagged Thought #220: Day One, Zyprexa

    First day backMy mind has gone aloof.Every wordMeans something to me.I wish it didn’t. Tomorrow I am going to try toGet backOn those meds The ones that i did not loveBut loved me. I hope [...]
  • Atlanta Robbin Season @
    TV & Movies

    ‘Robbin Season’, Atlanta’s Sophomore Release

    In music, a second or “sophomore” release allows an artist or group the chance to spread out stylistically, explore greater depth of character, and work with new ideas, colors, and sounds for a fuller representation [...]
  • Art & Music

    Jagged Thought #219: Zyprexed Mind

    In the perfect world she would be curvaceousI would be courageousAnd each word contagious.I would be super human, light speedDilated and huge.In a perfect world. My stomach would be thin.My abs, rippedMy heart strongLungs pink.Mental [...]
  • Art & Music

    Jagged Thought #218: The Sound of Silence

    Not the sound ofChaos. Not the sound of screamingDeath. Not the sound of voicesMuttering. Not the sound of manicLaughter Not the sound of pillsPrescribed, and popped. Not the sound ofThe water bubblerAnd the PRN. Not [...]

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