A February Rap Flashback Nor'easter Looms
  • Rap Flashback, February edition @
    Hip Hop

    Rap Flashback, February edition

    Your one true source for Old School Hip Hop is back – it’s the Rap Flashback, February edition! Our monthly shoot has moved to a new location, so join us as we settle into our [...]
  • Album Review

    Rap Flashback – The Slim Shady LP

    February 23rd, 1999 marks the release date of Eminem’s major label debut, The Slim Shady LP. Though not as commercially successful as his follow-up, The Marshall Mathers LP, this record is nothing short of a classic [...]
  • Wordart by Dave Vierling
    Art & Music

    Ecencial, Part 3

    This is the third of our four-part series showcasing the short story “Ecencial” by Dave Vierling.  To read Part 1 and Part 2, CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.  You can follow Dave on Facebook and [...]
  • Hip Hop

    LSP tbt – Lean ft. Spaceman

    Happy Thursday, one and all.  Here at #JPLMagazine Thursday means it’s time to throw it back with our good friend and one of Boston’s most talented producers, DJ LSP.  Each week this Hip Hop Hercules [...]
  • LSP's Syllabus, Vol 2 @
    Hip Hop

    LSP’s Syllabus, Vol 2

    Looking for some #FridayReading, Lime Nation? Our own DJ LSP is back with the second volume of his Syllabus.  Ever the fan and devotee of our beloved artform, Hip Hop, LSP will be periodically sharing [...]

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The Oddball Show @
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The Oddball Show with Mars Jupiter

January 24, 2017

The Oddball Show is back, joined by effervescent, ever-eclectic emcee and good friend of the podcast, Mars Jupiter.  We’ll talk about the Inauguration of our new President, we’ll send our grateful props to the #WomensMarch, […]

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