Warm winds of All In Togetherness
  • DJ LSP and LSPtbt @
    Hip Hop

    LSPtbt – LSP1200 Intalood

    Happy #nationalhighfiveday, happy 4/20, and happy #throwbackThursday from your friends here at #JPLMagazine.  Each week our good friend DJ LSP 1200 combs through his digital catalog for a track to pin your ears back. Be [...]
  • Agents of Hydra @
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    What If… the Agents of SHIELD had never been?

    Greetings, fellow Watchers! Since time immemorial (or four television seasons, at least) we have tuned in live, recorded, and observed the events of Earth-199999, watching a dedicated group of crime-fighters come together, fight against the [...]
  • Art & Music

    All Together Now – A Movement For Inclusion

    All Together Now is an organization founded on the grounds of diversity and inclusivity. Founding member Anna Rae describes its mission as  to “make space for women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ performers in partnership with allies, [...]
  • DJ LSP and LSPtbt @
    Hip Hop

    LSPtbt – Dirty Minds ft. Anon the Griot

    Get your Hip Hop-flavored #tbt with DJ LSP 1200 and the #LSPtbt.  Each week this talented Boston producer drops a new old beat for our listening and rhyming pleasure.  This week’s selection features Anon the [...]
  • DJ LSP has What You Need @
    Hip Hop

    LSPtbt – Q Luke, MyPage J Mix

    Bboys and flygirls, it’s Thursday and here at #JPLMagazine that means it’s time for our good friend DJ LSP 1200 to drop another edition of the #LSPtbt.  Be sure to follow him on Soundcloud, Twitter, [...]

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