Patriots vs. Seahawks – A Super Bowl XLIX Poem

Super-Bowl-XLIX-Logo-Unveiled…The Patriots…
…The Seahawks…
…New England…
They hate us. Deflate us.
They love us. We’re famous.
We’re rebuilding a Dynasty ’cause TitleTown’s our home
But we’re defending Champions and we’re out to build our own

Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork link the legacy of old
To Gronkowski and Lafell, Minitron, and Chandler Jones
Richard Sherman takes receivers out the game, are you mad bro?
Russel Wilson throws to Baldwin when Marshawn’s not in Beast Mode
…    Island    …
…Of Boom…
…Wins Championships…
S.P.E.L.L. D.O.O.M.
Will Lagarrette Blount Force Trauma bring the drama to the Seahawks?
Or will New England fold amidst the scrutiny of cheat talk?
Will Carroll get another ring? He used to work for Robert Kraft
How sweet’d it be for good ol’ Pete to win and prove he honed his craft
To become great and dominate against the team that fired him?
Or will Kraft have the final laugh, at last due to his hiring?
…Of Belichick…
…Bill… …Still… …Wins…
…The Hoodie…
…The Villain…
…The King…
We’re on to Arizona
Do your job is what he preaches
He’s better than his peers’ at his, he doesn’t need to cheat
It’s all so damn ridiculous to him but yet he knows
His legacy’s at stake, no Super Bowls since Spygate broke
He can’t afford another loss, the truth about this game is
That if he don’t win another ring his legend will be tainted
Seattle vs. New England
Patriots vs. Seahawks
The Champs vs. The Dynasty
Deflategate vs. Honesty



Space soloJPLMagazine is pleased to announce the inaugural edition of InnerSpace from our own Spaceman.  Pieces of poetry, short stories, and freestyles verses, InnerSpace is sure to provide an accurate look at the inner workings of one of the Lime’s most talented artists and emcees.



We been the same man we don’t change
Believe that and you slow pick up the pace
Got a feeling that we dealing well ace of spades
And ain’t drinking too much just ink in they face
Been a day when you gotta say I’m my fave
Lot of people in the plot but who’s on the same page
My blood boils hot turn the venom to rage
And these women love making choices turn love to hate
Trying to grow as I know they wanna subjugate
Flip my silence to avoidance and I detonate
Got me thinking time for wilding or it’s more create
Going Mental inside my body need to leave but can’t
Going heavy in on the writtens get checks for rants

I see you listen to them lame spitters
What a shame she never came so she came with us
Ball players naw but we getting major figures
Bright lights big city taking all contenders
Got the top spot baby boy born November
Box office looks yeah she wanna see my member
Told her she could have dessert if she makes me dinner
Royal attitude first place I’m a winner
Cruise at an altitude y’all dudes will never enter
Move like a veteran started out with my letterman
My soul and my heart in it trying to be a better man
This music and this money for life’s sake we be telling it
Go getter shit nope ain’t no failing man
Real million dollar dreams bought yachts sailing in
good for right now but i know there’s only more to get
relish every moment still I treat it like a tournament


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Rap Flashback, January Edition

It’s time once again for your monthly dose of Hip Hop History with the Rap Flashback, January Edition.  As always, we suggest you watch the whole segment for the fullest JP Lime experience but you can also click the READ MORE link if you’d like to check out the Flashback in smaller bites.

Featured this month are the sophomore releases from each of The Fat Boys, Run DMC and Gang Starr, a special dedication to two important Hip Hop parents, and of course, Happy Birthdays to Rap’s January babies.
So PRESS PLAY and Lime On.


Snow Day 2015

Happy Snow Day one and all! Winter storm Juno has locked the Northeast into a winter wonderland as only New England can do. Some places are already approaching 3 feet (!), the MBTA has shut down in Boston likely through late tomorrow and a travel ban is in effect across the state (UPDATE: travel ban lifted for Western Massachusetts at 1:30 pm). For many of us, Snow Days, whether we enjoy the weather or not, bring out our inner kid. Some of us want to curl up and hide from the cold stuff, watching it from the comfort of our couch with hot chocolate and booze and only leaving begrudgingly to shovel when necessary. Some are more audacious, unable to contain their desire to venture out into the winter wonderland. And what exactly is it that makes it so wonderous? Is it the awesome power of Nature of which we are quickly and vividly reminded? Is it the unique structural make-up of snow, half liquid half solid, malleable enough to be moved, piled and sculpted? Whatever it is, the thick white blanket dropped over the region unites us in a unique way.

blizzard of 78 @

Blizzard of ’78

So how does this snowfall compare to big storms of the past? I’ll post some measurement updates tonight and tomorrow but it’s looking like it’ll get into the record books, especially for the month of January. The Blizzard of ’78 is regularly referred to as an historic storm in the Boston region. My childhood winters were filled with my parents’ stories of the entire city shutting down, of making trips to the store for “eggs, bread and milk” transported on sleds down Washington St or Dorchester Ave. With 27” falling on Boston and Providence, the storm was record-setting at the time and remains a fabled day for the region.

I can remember the Superstorm of 1993, also known as the “Storm of the Century”, most vividly because of the giant snowbanks created, not just by the plows but by the hurricane-force winds. It was a gigantic storm, stretching the entire East Coast and hitting the South uncharacteristically hard with a combination of snow and tornadoes. I’ll never forget the most epic snowfort of my life (nor will my siblings), built on the corner of Medway and Ventura from a drift more than 10’ tall.

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The Boston Sports Fan Suffers From Sports Hubris – And It’s Awesome

BostonIf we can put all the #Deflategate BS aside from just one moment, let’s take a moment to consider just how much fun it’s been being a Boston Sports Fan over the past decade and a half. My focus on the last 15 years is in no way meant to diminish or in any way minimize how fantastic Boston Sports Fans had it even before this recent run of dominance. The Bobby Orr Bruins, and then those of Neely and Bourque; the Red Sox of Ted Williams, then Yaz,  Dwight Evans and Jim Rice, and those of Clemens and Boggs; the Jim Nance Patriots, then those of Irving Fryar and Steve Grogan, and Parcells, Bledsoe, and Curtis Martin; and of course the Celtic dynasties of Russell and Cooz, Havlicek, Dave Cowens, and Bird, and even those early 90s Reggie Lewis teams… some won Championships, some didn’t, but they left us no shortage of great memories as Boston Sports Fans and ensured the rich tradition of Boston Sports would carry on for years to come. And then those years came, and my goodness, what a fun ride it’s been.

It’s important to note that victory is so sweet because defeat is so bitter, and as Boston Sports Fans we’ve had our fairBuckner share of awful teams and gut wrenching defeats in big games. Our hallowed Patriots used to be jokingly called the Patsies as their late 80s and early 90s futility bottomed out in 1990 when they finished 1-15, with nary a home victory no less. Bill Buckner’s blunder at first in the ’86 World Series is my personal worst (and first, as I was only 6 at the time) memory of losing a close one in a big game. Even at 6 years old, I understood ‘The Curse of The Bambino’ and remember being woken up by my older brother just before it happened. He wanted to share that moment with me. The Sox were finally winning their First World Series in 70+ years and I remember being groggy but excited to actually witness it with my older brother. And we shared a moment alright. A terrible one. We all know how the ’86 Series played out just as we remember how much it hurt after the ’87 Finals, the ’88 and ’90 Stanley Cups, the ’96 Super Bowl, and even ’03 ALCS against the hated Yankees. It’s the memory of those tough losses or knowing what it’s like to endure those putrid seasons and title droughts that make winning a Championship so special.

womens-football-championship-ringAlso noteworthy, as sports fans you know that victory is never guaranteed, but as far as full seasons go we’ll always take a deep playoff run over a crappy last place finish. So sure, you can’t win ‘em all, but even getting to say the semi-finals makes for a fun ride, even if the ending is sometimes hard to swallow. It’s with that sentiment in mind that we present the following list, as it captures every semi-finals (or better) appearance by Boston’s five major Professional Sports teams since the Pats broke a 23 year Boston Sports Championship drought back in 2001. We focused on professional sports not because we don’t appreciate or love our college sports teams, but because we had to draw the line somewhere in our analysis. We did however include the New England Revolution because though they’ve yet to get that first MLS Cup, they’ve been so close a number of times and as Revs fans we’ll take that over sucking every year. We’re also showing the ladies some love too, as the Boston Militia have had a successful run in the country’s top women’s football league, the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA), since it joined that league in 2011. These ladies kick ass and their growing fan base (of which I’m proudly a part) is well deserved.

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Jagged Thoughts- Drum in symphony/Drum together

oddball and lime together6Our boy Jason Wright delivers another captivating piece. Check out his latest Jagged Thoughts post, Drum in symphony/Drum together and tap into Life’s harmony… and dissonance.

Each of us is separated by electric pauses…

epic starts, and stops.

Breaks in the sentence…

A world caught

in the

Space of language,

The words are planets

The weight pulls closer

A tigers paw on my shoulders

A world of wreckage but its not over

A simple sheet of music.

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#DeflateGate and the Angry Mob Mentality

1931_Frankenstein_img28It’s hard not to be thinking about it this nonstop here in New England, and everyone has an opinion whether they like it or not. Mine has changed several times since the news began to break late Sunday night, if only in small ways. I’ve read, I’ve argued, I’ve gotten angry, I can’t stop thinking about it and this is where I land on it this Friday afternoon.

Broken by one Indianapolis reporter at 1 am, with unreferenced sources, stoked by unsubstantiated facts from Chris Mortenson, this is exactly what it feels like- a mad mob, torch-bearing witch hunt. It’s the Red Scare but without a Joe McCarthy, since IND LB D’Qwell Jackson has now said he didn’t complain to anyone about the ball he intercepted, as previously reported. He simply gave it to a ball guy because he wanted a souvenir who then gave it to someone who they gave it to… and no one yet knows what happened. We do know the Pats played using the Colts’ footballs late in the first half and then in the second and whooped some serious ass. So the accusations of an advantage certainly seem spurious, if the numbers have anything to say. This is one of the characteristics of the witch hunt: empty, angry accusations based on nearly no information. Mind you, this mob is not limited to football fans outside of New England, though its majority population is comprised of folks who’ve suffered defeat at Patriots hands. Some of my own co-Pats fans yesterday were ready to convict Brady on the spot because he wasn’t his normally jovial and collected self as his player integrity was repeatedly called into question.

The other piece about calling something cheating is that you instantly add a connotation of intention, and this is where yesterday’s press conferences led me to my most solid feelings on the matter through the evening and this morning. I believe every word Bill Belichick and Tom Brady said. And not because I’m some die-hard, lifelong Pats fan (which I am), or because I have aspirations of an “In Bill We Trust” tattoo (which I do) but rather because they were telling the truth. Amongst the mob there seems to be at least a moderate level of belief that Bill is telling the truth. It’s conceivable to them, I imagine, that the stoic, not-necessarily-player-friendly head coach of the best team on the planet would indeed make the practice balls all kind of messed up and then respond to player complaints by turning it up a notch, “which then puts an end to the complaining”. Football fans everywhere were surprised by this unusually personal moment from Belichick – they loved it, in fact – and in that they felt a sense of belief, especially given the idea that he has more important shit to do on gameday than worry about the footballs. Most of the mob believed him, I think, as much as they didn’t want to.tommy

With Brady, the mob wants to believe that he intentionally took air out of footballs to go below the league standard to gain an athletic advantage. That is what they want to believe and that is why it’s so hard to think that he wasn’t telling the truth during his press conference. Tom Brady has no idea what a perfectly-inflated 12.5 PSI football feels like, nor does any other QB in the NFL because that’s not how it works. Aaron Rodgers likes his apparently illegally over-inflated but no one gives a shit because the guys at ESPN can’t conceive of the advantage. But the advantage comes from a quarterback having the football the way he likes it. An under-inflated ball might provide better grip but it would also reduce velocity and distance (thank you, Matt Leinart). So while some would like the story to be a conspiratorial indiscretion on the part of someone in the Pats camp (anyone, really), I don’t believe Tom has told any equipment manager at any point (fuck you, Troy Aikman, go back in your hole) to specifically under-inflate anything. I believe that he told us the truth yesterday, that he goes through his practice week and then says, “yup, I like that one” to a handful of footballs, they work through which ones are best and that’s the end of it. Who knows if Brady is any different than any other quarterback in the league? The answer is quite literally “no one” because no one is applying any frame of reference to this situation.

Do the refs actually measure the footballs’ pressure or do they simply check them out and move on, because I have to say it seems no one inside or outside the league has ever heard of this shit before. And no one had any idea what the advantage might be until Mark Brunell was handed two footballs to compare in the ESPN studio and suddenly became the expert on ball pressure when a week ago no one gave two shits about what he had to say or his recent bankruptcy. Does anyone have any idea what his balls felt like or weighed when he played (on whatever the hell series of teams it was)? And while I’m at it, fuck Jerome Bettis, “I’m disappointed in Tom Brady” and his opportunity to apologize bullshit. Tom’s supposed to come out and cop to some shit that he has no idea about because you all formed a three-headed ex-player consortium and barked about it for 24 hours? Fuck that noise.

Everyone wants to think a big transgression has taken place but no one has any frame of reference. The mob wants to think the only way the Patriots could possibly be as dominant as they are is to cheat, with idiots like Skip Bayless linking events together in a ‘if you say it enough times it must be true’ narrative of “history of cheating”. Spygate was one time, and I still maintain that it was pretty much bullshit given that it seemed a widespread practice and the way it was discovered was Mangina being a squealing pig; if you’re gonna do something for someone that might be wrong, you can’t then go tell on them when you’re on another team, that’s called being a rat. But those flexible ethics aside, I will concede that it was against the rules, and the Patriots and Belichick were both punished. That is the one time, eight years ago, and anyone that tries to tie in the offensive formation tactics used against the Ravens or any other trick plays needs have their fan card revoked because that type of brilliant play pushes the game forward. When you call it “line-stepping” or any other kind of inference to near-cheating you only show your ignorance.

Like I said, I’ve had a variety of opinions on the situation through the week, not the least of which is a lessened sense of pride as my hometown Patriots head into a legendary Super Bowl LXIX. And if it comes to light with actual evidence that Tom Brady or a member of the Patriots organization did something against the rules and norms of the league to gain an unusual competitive advantage I will find myself quite disappointed. But absent that, Mark Brunell, Skip Bayless and the rest of the angry mob can fuck off.

#HateOn if you must but I just suggest you #PlayBetterFootball

Raineman’s Rant: You guys sound like LOSERS.

So a few days have passed, and now Bill Belichick lets everyone know that he “has no idea” about the weight of the balls going into the game. National pundits are all saying that he is full of crap + he is throwing his QB under the bus. Raineman’s un-filtered opinion??

You guys all sound like losers.

How? Well… A: You guys really need to go back to getting your own stories. This filler nonsense is really getting ridiculous.). Why are they saying he is full of crap? Their ANSWER is that it is because he IS Bill Belichick. And that is NOT an answer.

I will go ahead and say that most of these media/sportswriters have NO OPINION ON THIS ISSUE WHATSOEVER. Why? Because they are not even beginning to try to explain why this would still be an issue. This is the world that we live in, people. The world where Twitter reigns supreme, and if you cannot reference your tweet, you are nothing.

Per “LEAGUE SOURCES” the balls used by the Patriots in the 2nd half (where they got the bulk of their points from ) had no “deflating” issues. So all of this GARBAGE is due to the “possibly faulty” balls used in the first half only, right??

The Public’s response to this is only PROOF of how badly the Patriots are hated on. Only ONE HALF OF FOOTBALL went by, and you see how many people are still calling for our coach to be FIRED? For us to not even go to the SUPER BOWL?

Seriously…you should all be ashamed of yourselves. I understand that you all hate Bill Belichick, and you hate the New England Patriots…but you all have let the world see that your hatred is bred in absolute stupidity. How do I KNOW it is about the hatred of the team?? See Dez Bryant and his catch that was called a “non-catch”. That call was eviscerated by the masses. Why? Because the masses LIKE the Cowboys (why? Because most of them saw the Cowboys winning around the time where they began to understand football. I feel sorry for you all.) who even have politicians upset over their short-comings.

But people LOVE to HATE the New England Patriots. That is just a fact, plain and simple.

If you want to continue to over-analyze the air in a ball…by all means, go ahead. Come see us when you want to actually talk football and act like you know how it is PLAYED. Until then…see you @ the mother%*cking superbowl, you LOSERS.


Raineman OUT.

I am done.

Album Release Day – January 20th

As I mentioned in this column a couple weeks back, yesterday January 20, was a big day for music releases. With much-anticipated albums from Lupe Fiasco and Joey Bada$$, as well as releases outside the Hip Hop world like Marilyn Manson’s return with his ninth album, The Pale Emperor, let’s take a look at yesterday’s big drops and the early word on their receptions.

Lupe Fiasco, Tetsuo & Youth
Lupe quit Twitter in dramatic fashion this week, following a series of arguments on the platform, including a fight with Kid Cudi over Kendrick Lamar, speaking on Iggy Azalea’s place in Hip Hop and his tweeting of the lyrics to his song, “Lost Generation”. It is only the latest in a series of PR missteps on the part of Fiasco for whom a few select comments throughout his career have had a serious effect on his professional persona.   On Tetsuo & Youth, Lupe has promised a return to the Fiasco we saw on his first two releases but he’s also said that the album only exists because the hacker group Anonymous demanded it from Atlantic Records. So what can fans really expect for his 5th release?
Though it doesn’t quite carry its way to a third perfect album for Lupe, it certainly elicits its fair share of “Lupe’s back” moments. On “Mural” for example, the second single and a big opening movement on the album, this line and others brought on flashbacks of double and triple rewinding couplets on The Cool:

A word game back up plan that can dam lakes
Backup the wordplay playing at the man’s stakes
Means I can still be the man if the dam breaks
And when the man brakes I’m reflectious, what they can’t face

The album is a sweeping and certainly artful offering, with its seasonal instrumentals providing breaks between the three separate segments, and the album cover a painting by the emcee himself. The political angle is consciously toned down from Food & Liquor II but that doesn’t mean he is able to ignore the social commentary that has become a defining characteristic. As a critic there are certainly things to find fault with on this album but as a fan there is far more to be excited about. What is clear to this Lupe fan is that he is a man in the middle of transition, not at the end of that road and Tetsuo & Youth leaves me with hope that the gloomy sense of finality around the album’s release will instead be the beginning of Lupe 2.0 (even if it takes him a while to get the hang of Twitter). While he’d like to think himself somewhere on the fringe on Hip Hop, he is far more central than he thinks and his fans that have been patiently waiting for him to find his stride again are here rewarded. Just like all good work from Mr. Fiasco, this album will grow on you and I predict it stands up as one of the best Hip Hop albums of 2015.

B4.da.$$, The Pale Emperor and more ahead.. READ ON…

Hip Hop Beef Has Gone To Poop

Jay vs FlexThis past week New York City’s Hot 97 on air personality, legendary DJ Funkmaster Flex used his air time to go on a 10 minute rant about Jay Z’s website and smartphone app. Truthfully, I feel that the title of this post and that first sentence says it all. Do I really need to expand upon this? Rap beef used to be intriguing, provocative, often fun, and largely about skills on the mic. Who could out-rap the next guy was paramount. Whose turf was the best? Who could make the crowd move the most? Who had the most skills? Whose crew was the illest? That’s what mattered. And you know what? Whether a given beef was eventually resolved by those involved or not and/or whether or not the streets (i.e. Rap fans) decided upon a winner, the beef itself was resolved on wax. On record. With lyrics! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that Rap beef de-evolved from the largely pure skills-centered beefs of the MC Shan led Juice Crew vs. the KRS One’s Boogie Down Productions, LL Cool J vs. Kool Moe Dee, and even Ice Cube vs. N.W.A. to beefs that were all too personal and became violent, like Biggie vs. 2Pac and Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent. I don’t condone the violent residue for which some of these beefs were at least partially responsible, but even those amplified battles resulted in some kick-ass Rap songs. The violence was terrible, unfortunate, and unnecessary… but the records were hot.

As Hip Hop grew, so did technology and media. This inevitably resulted in Hip Hop’s utilization of several forms of media in the late 70s and early 80s. Vinyl, cassettes, and of course radio were how most people got their Hip Hop fix. Eventually music videos and Rap themed shows such as Yo! MTV Raps and Rap City came into play, further expanding Rap’s reach. When the internet became readily available, Hip Hop capitalized and the Hip Hop consumer benefited. Simply put, as technology and media expanded, so did Hip Hop. When it comes to visibility and promotions, this is a wonderful thing. When it comes to Rap beef however, it hasn’t always worked out so well.

As media grew, so did a rapper’s means of attacking his/her rival. At first it was cool and fun, watching an amped LL 2015-01-19 20.53.58fiercely declare victory in the ‘Mama Said Knock You Out‘ video for example, or even the more R rated but still enjoyable ‘Dre Day‘ video where the Death Row camp made fun of Eazy E by parodying him. To this day I chuckle when I watch Sleazy E’s shenanigans. Then rappers started making home videos or using interview time to viciously dis their competition. Initially the ability to not just listen to an emcee’s justification for beef but also see Tupac’s disdain for the Bad Boy camp or Ja Rule’s hatred of 50 Cent to site a few quick examples, was captivating. It was something we hadn’t seen before and it was intriguing to listen to and watch our favorite rappers tell their side of the story. Eventually the tactic not only got old, but some started to rely more on YouTube videos than lyrics to fight their Rap battles. And when we introduce social media into the equation, the skills-based Rap beef that plays itself out on record becomes something of a lost art. When Hip Hop can beef on the morning radio show, use YouTube to dis their rivals and troll their competition on Twitter and Instagram, what motivation does it have to actually write and record a provocative and creative dis record? Why utilize the craft that made you when you can just spew your hate on the air and syndicate it on the internet. Why use lyrics when you can tweet? The True School in me half-joking replies, ‘well, because dissing someone in 140 characters or less is not very effective and flat-out wack’… but I digress.

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