Winter storm SHEther makes a March appearance
  • Hip Hop

    LSPtbt – hows the water

    It’s Thursday (all day long) and here at #JPLMagazine that means it’s time to dial it back with the #LSPtbt.  This week, Boston’s master of the wheels of steel brings us a track featuring The [...]
  • Baseball

    Roberto Clemente – Puerto Rican Hero

    As Team Puerto Rico makes a run for the 2017 World Baseball Classic championship, I’m reminded of perhaps the greatest Puerto Rican Major League Baseball who ever laced up a pair of cleats, Roberto Enrique [...]
  • Hip Hop

    Rap Flashback – Happy Birthday Queen Latifah

    Appropriate for Women’s History Month, today’s Rap Flashback salutes and sends birthday shouts out to a woman who’s among the most important, talented, and successful Hip Hop’s ever known. New Jersey’s own Dana Elaine Owens, [...]
  • DJ LSP and Scholar
    Hip Hop

    LSPtbt – Finding a Way (ft. Scholar)

    Wheeling it back through his sonic volumes, the super-selector DJ LSP is here every Thursday with the LSPtbt.  This week’s post is an unreleased track featuring our own Scholar called “Finding a Way”.  Be sure [...]
  • Politics

    Welcome to The Swamp, Would You Like a Drink?

    Greetings, esteemed guests and fellow residents! We are nearly two full months into our new Administration and I haven’t properly welcomed you; where, indeed, are my manners? If you’ll follow me we can begin the [...]
  • Selfish from DJ LSP @
    Hip Hop

    LSP tbt – Selfish ft Felix the black cat

    Ready for your #tbt of the HipHop variety?  Every week our good friend and super-duper producer DJ LSP  reaches back through his rack of rocking sound for a beat to share here at #JPLMagazine.  Be [...]

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