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Another Banner Year – A Basketball Poem


The Fall Classic’s almost over, football season’s mid-way through
Hockey has begun in earnest but for fans like me and you
Though we appreciate the diamond, the gridiron, and the ice
There’s a cavity that can’t be filled until opening night
For that game where tank top jerseys and shorts way down to the knees
Is the uniform of athletes with top-notch agility
And that time is now upon us, we’re no longer on the cusp
Basketball is back in all its glory, time to lace ’em up
Play that soundtrack for the warm-up drills, the lay-up line is active
‘Cause at times we can’t help bring the funk, even if it’s just practice
Not the game that I go out there, die for, play like it’s my last
Not the game; we’re talking about practice, man. I mean, how silly is that?
Whether we go hard during scrimmages or use the time to heal
All that matters is that W so go all-out we will

Eastern Western Conference
The sound of leather hitting wood, the squeaking soles of rubber kicks
A crisp bounce pass results in a wide open shot; call it a swish
Squared up on defense, arms abreast and swiping at the rock
If you don’t shuffle your feet you’ll end up crossed-up with no socks
Ankles broken as you turn your head and witness a hard foul
‘Cause basketball is a team sport, so even when you’re down
All your teammates have you covered, easy buckets hard to come by
Whether running motion offense or a clear out for that one guy
Who can score at will like Jordan, Kobe, Shaquille and Lebron
Feel the clamps of KG, Pippen, Rondo, & Olajuwon
‘Cause when scorers meet the stoppers we are entertained the most
It’s a test of heart, court vision, execution, how you’re coached
So from Boston to Los Angeles, Texas up to Chicago
And every franchise in between, it’s all about the title
A long season awaits, 82 games and then the playoffs
Let’s all enjoy the ride and come June, the ultimate payoff
Another Banner Year!


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