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A couple blog notes

Thank you for all the feedback and interest in ‘Life of the Lime’ thus far.  The response has been supportive and constructive as we find our voice and work out the bugs.  A couple things:
1. For those of our readers keeping up on phones and iPads, we know that the music player at the top of the screen isn’t working – Reverbnation, a great independent music site whose widget we currently use for the music player, doesn’t yet support mobile devices.  We’re working on it and will be changing our music player most likely to… Souncloud (yay!).
2. It has also been brought to our attention that the blog is not scrolling correctly on some mobile devices.  This, too, will soon be rectified.
3. We finally added share buttons to our blog posts so now you can pass on the word about ‘Life of the Lime’ with all your friends and followers.  We all know someone who is desperately in need of an injection of new music; help a brother out, give ’em some Lime.
That’s all for now.  Stay tuned and check back often for the latest on all things Lime.

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