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Announcing Blue Star Boulevard

Blue Star Boulevard cover

Ladies and gentlemen across the universe, it is our great pleasure to officially announce our new album ‘Blue Star Boulevard’, available June 26th.  As we continue our quest through art and hip hop, we are determined to provide our listeners with the energy they have been seeking in modern hip hop music.  We’ve never been shy with our opinions about the current state of our art form and industry.  At the same time we are inspired by the potential for the next stage of hip hop and by the feeling that music fans everywhere are eager for something new, entertaining, powerful and different.  With these things in mind, we welcome you to take a ride down Blue Star Boulevard.

The Lime’s second release is our first collaboration with a single producer for an entire work.  The talented and passionate DJ LSP ( has created a captivating and diverse soundscape sure to transport the listener to a place where “life is truly rhythm” (with a twist of Lime).  LSP worked tirelessly to provide us with beats and feedback that would bring out our best as artists and his contributions cannot be understated.  For this and so much more, we salute him.

While the entire album won’t be released until the 26th, our lead singles are available for purchase beginning today at  ‘Liming On’ is a smooth track perfect for your summertime cookouts and beach parties while ‘Loud’ has that bounce that’ll blow out your speakers.  We will be lighting up the stage all summer, showcasing our new tracks so come on out and get live with the Lime.  Be sure to check the website, Facebook (, and Twitter (@JPLime) for a variety of videos, blogs, contests, artwork and other media to complete your JP Lime experience.

For those of you new to the Lime, we look forward to feeding your musical hunger and supplying exactly What You Need.  To our existing fans, friends, and family, we humbly thank you for your continued support for without you what we do would truly not be possible, nor worthwhile.  We are passionate about our craft and proudly welcome you along the next phase of our journey.  Keep Limin’.

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