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Bartleby Third Entry – Larry Jesus Esta Aqui

space outside great hallI’m winning right now. Nobody can stop me. Not the army the navy or even the combined forces of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers plus some mythical machination of a Mensa oboist from Odessa playing Magic the Gathering. I’m Don Juan Larry Jesus and you better believe it. The legend is still being hated on created by the masterpiece himself and copied by sucker beatniks and punkfucks bullshitting on their soul. Glory is mine and I try to shower these punkfucks but their ears are busy, they ain’t trying to listen to this gold. Fool on me for trying to give it out for nothing and getting mad when they don’t bite. It only means they wanna pay for it so now it’s time to charge for the offering. The energy is real in the building and the arena, the atmosphere is teeming with ether like energy, sop it up its for you. Great things are coming just keep the mind positive and focused on what you want. The millions are yours and they are in entertainment.

The beatniks are approaching humming and running rapping in their 90’s garb trying to prove something new. New is the fashion. New is the defining mechanism. But new is quickly getting lost refurbished and cheap. It’s funky when the new new ain’t quite that clean. I hope the people realize the new isn’t always what it seems. I like my older tshirts and jeans. Old signs have a way of meaning what they mean. My street is new to someone but it’s a home to me. Winter comes and I hate to see the green leave. But seasons come and go especially in the northeast. Life is changing fast or slow. I don’t mind the new but I do love some old.

My tea keeps me hot. Well at least my mouth for a bit then I get colder apparently according to scientists…. Yeah.
My hat keeps me hot. I usually wear a hat but for some reason you shouldn’t wear hats inside out of a form of respect but I’m pretty sure that respect was in the smaller domicile in which that law or custom was made where heat was not flying around and escaping as in our larger more hectic or uncaring and misheated and mistreated structures of today. Respect goes out the window with the heat. I’m keeping my hat on.
I love bacon and I love ice cream; If I want to eat the two together and suffer the consequences then allow me. Thank you. Life confession and request.
My cat is on a mission to throw my balance off kilter and/or take me out.
I may have gotten a little out of hand with my Vietnamese BA-le cravings and acquisitions
Cravings and Acquistions is a great name for a store ….
Your boy Larry Jesus is balling right now metaphysical with the money mind raking in the millions naw mean. She wanna do the raki on me too. I’m with it. It all looks very beneficial for your boy right now. Im a man baby. Im a man, baby, them titties look real nice!! Larry Jesus is chillin and you know it’s j├ęsus when it’s callente si si yo soy winning ( t- shirt) with the Larry Jesus cause it sounds dope!


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