It’s raining sideways!
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Bonnaroo: And Here We All Appear from Different Sides of the Moon…

They traveled through the day and night to reach Tennessee, then waited patiently in the traffic line among their fellow Bonnaroovians to reach the open gates.  They opened a few hours ahead of schedule and in flowed the revelers, ready to make camp and prepare for what lies ahead.





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#Bonnaroo campgrounds are filling up

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Not everyone found themselves in the traffic:


As the night wore on, there seemed to be some significant entry delays, with #Linearoo2015 becoming a real thing:



After 4 hours of waiting, Roofus is ready to be at the end of the line! #bonnaroo#2015#linearoo#roofus

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Eventually all were greeted by the familiar sights of The Farm.

The Arch // Great first day on site ready for the festivities to begin // #welldunnorg #ready2roo #bonnaroo #BlueMtBelTravels #bonnaroo2015

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Each tent home with its own character and tone


#Bonnaroo baby!

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