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Hip Hop Halloween Costumes

With Halloween upon us, choosing a costume is something with which we all at times have struggled. For us Hip Hop enthusiasts, there are plenty of fun, easy, often low-cost options to consider within Rap music’s spectrum that can lead to some entertaining discussions and even a freestyle session or two. With that in mind, we present our favorite 5 Rapper costumes. You tell us, trick or treat?

Run DMC 
The black top hat, the Adidas sweat suit and shelltoes, the thick gold chain, the black framed glasses. Few if any Rap groups are as iconic and easily recognizable as Run DMC. A pretty simple costume to pull off, but definitely a good one if you’re an Old School Rap fan. Even on Halloween, we can all be Down With The Kings.

Run DMCRun DMC Costume










2 Chainz 

Another idea that’s pretty basic to pull off when all you really need is a couple of fake chains, some shades, some skinny jeans, and either a black hat or some fake dreads. This one’s all about the performance behind the costume, so if you go with 2 Chainz, be sure to periodically throughout the night, especially if you’re doing shots, yell out in your most menacingly annoying voice, “TWOOOOOO CHAIIIIIINZZZZZZ!!!”

2 Chainz

2 Chainz Costume











LL Cool J 

Back to 80s for another iconic look, that belonging to Old School LL Cool J of course. All you need is a bucket kangol (or any bucket hat really, the Kangol brand just it gives it that much more authenticity), some sweats, a gold chain, and the most important piece to this get-up, a big rectangular boombox. As a young LL so succintly put it, “I can’t live without my radio!” Nor should you, at least not on Halloween if you’re trying to go for the LL look.

Old School Real LLOld School LL











Missy Elliot 
Though Missy’s lost a ton of weight and is now long removed from her “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” days, that trash bag looking outfit she wore in the video remains etched in our memories as a look we associate with Ms. Elliot. As such, it remains a neat little Halloween gimmick. Think about it? You don’t even need to take an extra bag with you for candy, you’re already wearing one.

missy2Missy Costume








MC Hammer 

Last but not least, who could forget that early 90s ‘U Can’t Touch This’ MC Hammer look? The baggy pants, bright colors, and shades make for a timeless costume regardless of your feelings about Hammer’s music. This one comes with a disclaimer however, as Hammer’s talented enough to dance in those garments but we wouldn’t recommend Joe Average try the running man on crowded dance floor wearing those baggy ass pants. Shuffle at your own risk.

MC HammerMC Hammer Costume











If you were stuck on costume ideas beforehand, we hope this list helps with the brainstorming. We love hearing from our readers so as always, feel free to email and/or tweet us your thoughts and any quirky Hip Hop Halloween ideas that you’re considering or have pulled off in the past. @JPLime @Scholar_JPL


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