Are you Benny or Teddy?

#Hunting the Gowk (cont.)

Limehead, now out of a job and with no discernible talents aside from having a defunct Rap group’s logo for a head, tries to audition for the De Yeezus World Tour, but Kanye won’t let him finish.
#HuntingTheGowk on #March32nd
LH and de Yeezus

Due to a high volume of outlandish and personal prank calls, Spaceman recently made the move from Blackberry to cb-radio only communication.
#HuntingtheGowk #March32nd

This just in: Scholar has been nominated for a Lifetime Achievement American Music Award in the largely under-appreciated & overlooked category of ‘Best Adlibs Over A Hook’ – Scholar credits Notorious BIG’s Hypnotize and Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time for spearheading his love of Adlibs and was quoted as saying simply, ‘Uhh!’ when advised of the nomination. ‘Yes yes ya’ll…’
#HuntingTheGowk on #March32nd

Scholar adlib nomination

As a mark of new energy and a new direction, Prof has gotten an ice cream cone tattoo on his face.
#HuntingtheGowk #ProfsSoGucci

Prof's ice cream cone

At the end of 2013, JP Lime blew a large amount of their budget on an optical illusion that painted the moon over Boston green for an entire night.


Breaking News: With JP Lime Productions now defunct, Scholar, whose government name is Ivan De Jesus has announced an upcoming collaboration EP w/ Kanye West entitled ‘De Yeezus’. When former bandmate Professa pointed out that the whole thing seemed ‘gimmicky’, ‘De Yeezus’ stormed back with an expletive-laden rant capped off by yelling repeatedly, ‘you ain’t got the answers Prof!’ In somewhat of a non-sequitur he then very angrily pointed out that Prof’s button-up and tie ‘ain’t that Ralph though.’ Sounds (and looks) like Scholar’s all in to this project…

#HuntingTheGowk on#March32nd
scholar de yeezus

As part of the Lime’s hiatus, Spaceman recently completed a soul-searching expedition across Southeast Europe, the near Far East and most of Kansas. #HuntingtheGowk

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