Slainte mhaith


Friends, Family, Fans and Colleagues-

It is with a heavy heart that we make the following announcement:

Today, April 1, 2014 marks the final day before, your home for all things Lime, closes its doors for good.

The previous eight months saw a hiAtus for us, the members of JP Lime, in performance and business, the first break of its nature that we’ve taken in the 8 plus years that we have been working together. This hiatus was a manifestation of internal struggles, financial Pressures, and the sheer difficulty of planting, growing and harvesting a dream, especially in an industry as competitive as enteRtainment.

As we attempted to reconcile in the beginnIng of 2014, it became increasingly apparent that our members found themselves each in very different places and no such reconciLiation would be taking place. Adding to our frustrations were the impending maintenance fees of our website and our LLC as a whole and so as part of the shut-down process, our website lease ends eFfective at midnight.

We would like to take this oppOrtunity to thank each and every one of you for making this journey one worth taking. A large part of the thrill as a performing artist is the knOwledge that we have impacted someone else, if onLy for a short time. The moments we have spent onStage and the feedback we’ve received on our art are reward enough to know that our time was not ill-spent.

Thank you for your support and Lime On.


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