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Inner Space #5 – Commercial Insight

Space solo @     I don’t think I’m different from most people when I say I love commercials.  The utter fascination concerning 30-60 seconds of supposedly convincing material is never so apparent as Super Bowl Sunday where spots average $150,000 per second.  I’m actually not a fan of the exorbitant prices, but I realize that’s a result of a competitive market, audience based analytics and other factors possibly requiring a degree in economics, so I’ll leave that for now.  I’m guessing like me, people want to be surprised, have a laugh maybe, and get some information.  And yeah, we don’t say it, but we want to be inspired to do something.  That’s the sole reason of a commercial.  Inspiration.  Our super computer brains absorb them because they’re informative, relatively quick, and only trying to help when you think about it.  Who doesn’t want a little goodness?  At their worst, they look horrible they’re confusing and they don’t call you to action, but at their best they look great, they’re informative and they convey a valuable and trustworthy message effective enough to inspire action.

just do itYou have to do something. Every human being knows this.  Nike is a dope company because they tapped into the infinite subconscious with their ‘Just Do It’ campaign.  Yes, they had Michael Jordan as a wonderful spokesperson, possibly the greatest of all-time in that arena as well, but the words alone are also magic.  They are a simple directive to achieve your aim.  Great stuff is often very simple and quite profound.  Don’t get me wrong I also love the Sonic commercials, because those two guys are hilarious and the array of drinks make me thirsty every time. They definitely inspire hunger so they work, but I’ll leave that alone for now too.  I actually want to point out another company’s slogan that has had a recent effect on me.  I’ve been watching a lot of basketball lately viewing it primarily via the watchESPN app for your mobile device.  That being said, Home Depot is a major advertiser on the channel and I’ve become very aware of their, ‘More Savings.  More Doing.’, slogan.  Now, this may be because I’m having aspirations of home ownership, wealth, and total abundance (like everyone I hope!!), but these two phrases really started to kick in my head like Peyton Manning singing the Nationwide jingle making sandwiches.

Before you totally disregard my message and source of inspiration, think about it.  And yes, I know the creative executives probably mean vast price savings when you buy copious amounts of home improvement wares.  But let’s think about it this way…. What if we all focused on saving and doing more?  In a nation wrought with over consumption, consumerism, and major lack of activity, the motto hit my ear in a new way.  It also struck me because these are personal actions you have to commit to long term (like most things!) or else you don’t get any results.  Don’t save…, okay no money.  Don’t want to do a little more…, okay you will continue to get the same output. If we all spent a little less and were a little more proactive with things, I truly believe we could all benefit.  Money saved allows you to come from a place of strength because you have a sense of security.  From that sense of security you should be able to plan confidently and move accordingly.  When you are struggling to make ends meet, I find the mind tends to make more erratic and desperate decisions.  I believe security is a universal want/need and doing more for yourself and others should be a goal since that empowers you and strengthens bonds.  So, one goal is to definitely make this website another source of income and inspiration and make myself a little more efficient.  Gotta make the time.  Home Depot definitely hit the mark with this one;  I am inspired to save and with that do a couple more things for sure.  And yes, some of the money saved will be used towards pure generosity as it should be.  Lastly, good advice is priceless no matter where you get it from even if it is/was from the slogan for a home improvement chain.

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