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InnerSpace #3

Space solo @ www.JPLimeProductions.comRevelations…

Blink. Wink. Wink. She’s sexy and just stares back at me, like you know you wanna do something… Go ahead, say whatever you want – I don’t mind. That line gets me every time. Who wants restrictions, especially in a relationship? You want comfort, freedom and intimacy of mind, body, and soul. And it doesn’t always have to be NSFW stuff, although I do love trading dirty notes with her… What are you wearing? I do wanna see you behind a truck in the Midwest parking lot after eight in a panda suit. I will wear a Batman cape to get laid even if it involves a unicorn just as long as no jail time is imminent. She knows this and she still loves Her submissiveness is her dominance and I’m invigorated by her reflection. Calm and receptive, strong enough to bounce ideas off of, I wish she would actually edit me more sometimes, but it’s just not her nature. I know what you’re thinking but I talking about paper.
You know how they say time flies when you’re having fun? Well it definitely creeps when you have no imagination. Get some. It’s the breath of life next to cold showers and sobering arrests. Ok motorboats are also a wonderful wake up and invigorating take on life. Life is for the taking and making. I feel as if it’s something that can get lost, like a memo to a boss or a couple Benjamin’s on a bad day. Desperate times have hit those drifters and homeless folk who scavenge for cigarette shorts on the sidewalks and ashtrays, called snipes, but damn if they couldn’t get some inspiration back. I have to believe that. I have to believe there is a wave and a carpet and an airport conveyor belt because there is when you hit that groove. I stopped wearing a watch and get mad when I see people who wear one, because they must be having fun! Who keeps track of seconds unless they are unusually jovial all the time or at least worth tracking. It’s true though. And the main ingredient is you. Envelop yourself in wonderful things and be amazed. Think amazing, Be amazing. What are you thinking? I like to watch the clouds go by, same seconds, but at least I can make them what I want. Dragons. Light posts. Candelabras. Curvy women. No parking meters. No tocks. This is my real imaginarium. Yes, I am an oxymoron, but who isn’t when they really think about it? Passion. Practice. Project. Consistency with the creativity is always the key. Now, I love the process.
Open up show em stuff keep and keep growing up. That was the advice oft given on deep talks and caffeinated walks with my advisors. So this will not just be a platform for art fluff and ego. Hopefully real emotions and thoughts are provoked and stoked from what will soon transpire. Art should aim for a higher awareness and civic engagement and hopefully this will be a continued source of inspiration, action and enlightenment.

First thoughts were live unorthodox jive
Mo Betta with new arrangements
I’m opening new departments they label me just a scribe
Been pondering all of my life
Give me letters I’m wasting paper or maybe I’m saving lives
Third grade I started I’m still scribbling lines
Seen scions turn into icons where trouble itself resides
With lazy and stupid people,
Been chiding myself for moments, passed
Still in my mind
Overseas I’m sensing love a sensei still on his climb …
The beatniks are approaching humming and running rapping in their 90’s garb trying to prove something new. New is the fashion. New is the defining mechanism. But new is quickly getting lost refurbished and cheap. It’s funky when the new new ain’t quite that clean. I hope the people realize the new isn’t always what it seems. I like my older tshirts and jeans. Old signs have a way of meaning what they mean. My street is new to someone but it’s a home to me. Winter comes and I hate to see the green leave. But seasons come and go especially in the northeast. Life is changing fast or slow. I don’t mind the new but I do love some old. Especially after the B and it’s fresh with the BOLD.

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