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InnerSpace #4: A Little Time

Space solo @ www.JPLimeProductions.com48 hours and everything changes. It’s usually quicker than that.  I mean, we all know time flies. Most flies have a life span of twenty four hours.  We get much more if we’re lucky but I swear I’m a flying headless chicken most of my sectioned off seconds.  Four high fives, a dodged kid, and I helped get a clean up crew assembled before my first cup of coffee.  I earned a bruised hip in kickball sliding back to second, only to be gunned down by the arm of an unusually athletic sixth grader and I was 2,539-1 in psychological warfare before 10:00 a.m.  Grace emerged in the form of free, albeit day old, coffee in the teacher’s room.  Silence is in the teacher room but it’s cornered in Xerox beams, sighs, and small vents for cartwheels and chill.  But it’s cool though because you finally realize you were right during those dizzying days.  Middle school is hell.  Wake up and do something before you’re awake. I guess that’s the first lesson to life. After that, it’s just bananas though. People are honestly yelling all day or frustrated. And… It’s not really their fault.  Things should be on time but they are late.  The best intentions get bested by a doctor’s appointment. Good morning.  We still want you to get A’s.  Starving and you have to do something and then go talk to someone because a little human being wants to hit another human being. It’s aggravating as hell. In the moment.  And in the moment, you recalibrate and you realize you are in hell.  You realize you were once a little expletive slinging demon with potential and attitude.  I’m really fucking starving and this kid is lucky as hell that I believe in saving souls.  I have to.  Someone took time to save me and actually, people still take time to help me just about everyday.  I thank the world everyday people help.  It’s after I’ve gotten hit in the face with a red rubber ball and I see a three week old half eaten pear under the bleachers, that I ask the universe for more help.  It’s time for practice and I have to get ready again. We got our confidence crushed 48 hours ago and it’s time to prepare for victory.  This next game and many others afterwards will prepare these young minds for life.  There will be time running and sometimes it might stop.  It feels that way sometimes doesn’t it?  There will be ups and downs as well.  The team chemistry is usually gonna be the most important thing.  And no matter what anyone says, winning is crucial if not vital.  We can learn from mistakes but will not have losers’ mind sets.  If we fall back we will give it everything we have and believe that we can do it no matter what. We will win.  We might even outright smash them. Victory is ours.  Things change.  I don’t even think they had this mindset a little while ago. Time flies though.  I see things and overall they are really positive.  The team shows me wins and losses take the same time.  Hell turns to Heaven in a day or two sometimes I swear.

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