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InnerSpace: Coop Says Get ‘Em

For over a decade I have been recording my life and primarily my voice and ideas in an almost weekly freestyle session with my boy Coop.  We’ll both get off of work and thankfully he’ll make the initiative and call me.  I love rapping, just after work it doesn’t usually dawn on me how much I enjoy it.  That’s why I’m glad Coop calls and puts forth the effort.  Once that beat comes on it’s a different story for both of us.  Mild mannered teachers turn to rebel prophets or soulful crooners, even layman comedians depending on the vibe of the instrumental.  It’s the release; its incredible.  For instance, you wouldn’t know it but we’re listening to old tracks now that we recorded some time in April; it’s now June and school is almost over.  Coop often says, “Man, if these walls could talk, boy!!!!…”.  I love him for the enthusiasm and steady encouragement and I know ten years in he’s probably right. I’ll post some more of the gems on Soundcloud in the future.  I’ve posted a couple of them, so the world has had a taste.

Going back over the old ones is always interesting.  We’ve certainly hit our stride on a multitude and they sound great; it’s our own personal soundtrack.  Good or bad though, they’re all original freestyles.  It’s crazy because you have to have an objectivity to it.  It’s funny when either Coop or myself is muttering under our breath how we don’t like something but the other might be jamming or just having a better day. The streaming music services I mentioned in my last article are tremendous in their selections and possibilities as I mentioned and greatly appreciated.  Without them, I know my life after work would not be the same.

The thing I am thinking more of here, or rather appreciating, is the genuine ability to let go of emotions, feelings and the overriding thoughts of the day within a comfortable setting.  That is the essence of playing right?  Coop sparked this article with his usual effervescent attitude and demeanor.  “Get ’em Coop!!” and “Get ’em C. Gutta!!” are phrases often yelled in my living room.  When we first started we were by no means good. I mean we were okay, but the whole point was having fun.  It’s the camaraderie, the sharing of opinions, but its definitely all about sharing the moment.  Looking back to where we started, it’s truly amazing how all those moments have added up.  Coop will come over certain days and be super hyped about something we did (like today for example), and just hearing some of the old flows and ideas will of course spark another round of flows or lengthy conversation.  I guess these will be the lost tapes of Coop and C. Gutta.  Gotta ask Coop why he calls me that…

The recordings are amazing to me also because of the breadth of the topics we have discussed.  I realize more than anything now how these moments are so special, and maybe we are too for capturing so much of it.  We have discussed life, teaching, love, women, politics, vices, art, reform of all sorts, institutionalized beliefs, whether right or wrong, generational divides and differences, the beauty of cultures, learning from differences, the wisdom of children, our abject judicial system, and the list goes on for days…  It’s crucial to have a place where you can let that steam and those ideas out to carom off the walls and ears however they wish.  It’s definitely cool to have a running account of our lives in a sense as well.

Aside from the rapping and range of ideas at a rapid pace, it’s actually amazing to hear and then see the changes within ourselves.  Thankfully, Coop and I have come a long way.  It’s times like this when I really see art’s take on my life.  Aside from our lives, it’s definitely a running account of the world as well.  Oh how the world has changed; you may insert here your own positivity or malaise depending upon your take on this past decade.  As I write this I might conjecture things have taken an interesting turn.  Values seem to shift at a dizzying pace and people of all sorts want to capture their own face.  It’s still dope as it ever was or maybe that’s always my belief.  I wasn’t rude the whole time; Coop did a little talking even though you wouldn’t have heard it, and I replied.  Days we don’t freestyle or talk about the garbage on the news, we write.  Thanks Coop for the inspiration and encouragement.  I sincerely hope you guys and gals have some great outlets and friends.  The rest is going down anyway…


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