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DSC_6988Sometimes you have to sit there and just look and let it come to you. It’s good to practice the virtue, Patience, and hope it arrives, or hope you don’t implode from the crushing complexity or ennui, whichever drives you nuts first. This could be baseball or golf I guess, but it’s life in this framework and description.¬†There are specific pieces, certain parts that don’t connect, and very rarely do two people share the same view point; it’s like one big puzzle always in need of being put back together. That’s cool to me.

I realize even the dopest things need some work or some effort to be really good or appreciated. Like the Virginia Slims tagline from back in the day, “You’ve come a long way, baby!”, I feel that way about viewpoints and life paths if you do it right. The puzzle mindset came to me the other day when I realized for the eighty-seventh time, you can’t rush everything. I’m usually not one for the slow things or don’t think I am, but I think I’m getting there in some regards. I’ll take more time with driving, listening to the concerns of others, and learning the finer details involved for game domination. I’m learning to slow down. More importantly, I am learning the added benefits of slowing down. Why rush if you don’t have to? Plus, if you really use time well, the scary part is you’ll probably have a lot of it. There are a lot of things on the plate lately, and it’s always gonna be that way if you have a brain like mine and move with your ideas.

I used to think life was a battlefield and I still do some days. On other slower more contemplative and planned out days, life is more like a puzzle. Things are still all over the place but you know they will fit. On battle days instincts and reflexes rule the dominion. And as always, the war is always waged between two ears then on the ‘field.’¬†Puzzles, battles, repetition and quick thinking are all facets of life. Things don’t have to get so messy all the time. A great way to the calmness and success you deserve is to ultimately learn and master yourself. As you grow, take notes of what you like and what you don’t. Write down your goals and aspirations and create a loving network of encouragement and support.

A terrific start to learning yourself as well as listening to your inner voice is to take a personality test and see where you fit. A wonderful website to test your personality is The website has wonderful answers to questions as well as informative descriptions for all of the personality types. Hopefully you find this interesting and of some help. I’ve shared this with a couple of students and family members and if nothing else you’ll learn a little more about yourself and the ones you love. To loving, learning and listening… Be well.

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