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InnerSpace: Joyous Poetry Lives in My Ear

Space @ www.JPLimeProductions.comI’m only human, but I think it’s a state of being that I forget about or deny sometimes as odd as that may sound. My mates, Scholar and Prof, mentioned that I should do this to really show the different sides of human nature, and hopefully this ‘space’ has caused you to think a little more about your inner space. So much happens in our daily activities and it’s so hard to express everything we want. This is where the poetry comes in for me; I can let my thoughts go along with the day and at the end maybe I’ll have something dope, but I’ll definitely feel better. This time I’ve offered a couple of poems from the cranial factory for your perusal, praise, or vilification. I definitely encourage you to try your own! You’ll find below issues of modern life and random associations, scents of money dope lines and candor. Also be prepared for varying hues of realism, buoyant optimism, and a dash of aggression. The poet thoroughly enjoyed putting these pieces together. Enjoy!


Pieces on paper

Money making me blinded knots and beats
Got plots intertwined thoughts covered in heat
Good fella disguise murder all in my speech
Revolted by rude displays and ravenous in the sheets
I’m plagued by the sentimental recording not for the weak
I’m blazing on fundamentals surpassing em with the speed
Combine no nfl combining life with the beat
Took timbos and daily drama and walk to my own creed
With pencil I found my dharma my demons getting released
Scrutinizing the human fell in love with the beast
Dehumanizing and feuding fell in love with the peace
It’s hard to come to decisions when your minds so weak
Takin time even harder when they find those chinks
Why we gotta have martyrs just to find those links
Rather communion over martinis, you can think on the drink…


Eleven Wishes

Granted eleven wishes I vowed to forever gift em been gifted since poltergeist and the mood is practice and listen was fishing for peace and quiet I realized you gotta get it now poems are fashioned in slaughter my skeptics the first exhibit
It’s mangoes and proper yupyup she love me she gotta get it I’m a motherfuckin beast I wanna all of it fuck a smidgen


Faith in my pen

I go in so open hearted my life’s in this track
Wish I did it more for her I know she’s hoping for that
In this fast forward culture it’s so hard to look back
And the hardest point of writing is we’re trenched in the past
But looking forward its just forewords epilogues and more prose
I need a little bit of volume when I work on the poem
Working from home is only dope when they ain’t at your door
I do it for the love and plus I’m nice as a mug
Always writing I be fighting just to shut the hell up
Cause there’s power in that silence … Ahh yeah
Oh baby but these words get bucks
Got em JP Lime branding on some grass roots tough
Word of the minute in their mouths so they wonder bout us
Went from the paper to the papers now they wanna be us
You wasn’t there when I was crying and my pride had me stuck
had to turn it all around and share to see what I’m worth


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