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It’s another week passed and it seems as though things have gotten a bit more hectic. They say it’s relative and if that’s the case, I sure hope none of that is akin to me. Maybe it’s the birds chirping at 3 a.m, a beautiful thing to hear, that has me wanting to draw. Maybe it’s the sun, I really don’t know. About a week ago I got the craziest urge to draw again. The act of making visual shapes with my hands became a vital force that has since kinda taken over my life. Prof has been asking me all week what am I going to write about and I didn’t even mention I was sketching all week because I’ve been drifting in and out of language time and media. Suffice to say, I can get lost sometimes…

1That being said, the next couple of pieces are my foray back into the visual art world. The first piece is pure expression. I had been viewing pictures of the Cleveland car shooting to see what 137 bullets and holes looked like, when I read that the officer actually stood on the hood and fired through the glass. Upon hearing the story I was shocked. Upon seeing the visual damage I was horrified. After reading more of the details and the facts of the situation I was angered and appalled. I put my pain on the paper. As I stood over the paper and dripped the hot wax, I didn’t know the outcome but I knew my intention. I’m still having a difficult time processing that case and the actions surrounding it.

The second piece in this series of sketches is a simple face in which I tried to capture the beauty. I used a pen only for the sketching and just tried a light to dark play from left to right to give it some energy and fun. This sketch was a lot of fun. I’m trying to do bigger pieces, so playing with the bigger sketch space has been tremendous in re-developing my spatial relations. 2

The third piece in this sketch series is my apprentice’s tribute to Buddha. Just today I woke up to stories of terrorism basically around the block, conflict, fatalities, and discord. With all that’s on television and in the world today, it’s imperative that we are proactive with our own peace of mind. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and that’s okay, I’ve learned that. In times of stress or worry it is best to focus on the positive and beautiful in the world. That piece is from my meditative studies, which simply state to focus on that which you truly desire. Be calm and be focused. That which we focus on expands. My drawing is alright, but I must say that the act of sketching/drawing itself was quite therapeutic. The world’s problems are not going to go away all at once, that’s for sure, but we can learn lessons and take steps to ensure that we don’t add to them. 3

For the final sketch in this series I wanted to incorporate more figures and go for a theme if I could. The sketch became very kind of solemn and macabre, but I was attracted to the shadows and contortion of the skeleton and enslaved men I picked for the sketch. I was perusing a book on European history and lo an behold I wanted to draw this, yes. Well, the challenge was to get the image across and capture the despair and strife associated with their lackluster situations. I’ve been seeing a bunch of less than appropriate situations lately and the only way to fight them accordingly I think is to constantly ask questions. Continually I’m led to believe that if you don’t ask the questions for yourself or find out what you need to know, then you can almost be sure someone is leading you to nowhere for your benefit. But also, the more knowledge you have, I believe you can be a happier person if you use that knowledge and resources wisely. It’s a sad state of affairs where you can’t ask questions; even though, this should not be the case. We have to help each other past ignorance and despair of all kinds. 4

There will be many more sketches to come. Hopefully these sparked some thought and interest in some art for yourself. I will say they definitely helped me get through the week. I got some oil pastels, some sketch books and some pencils and pens. I’m gonna rock with this for a while to get some skills back and get these ideas out. I believe along with skills I’m gonna get a double dose of patience so there’s a bonus! And creatively, if you dropped an old skill or hobby, please pick it up and try it out for a few so you can experience the goodness. That’s all I have for now- for more visuals, verbals, and everything else keep it locked right here to

*Kerr Eby was a Canadian illustrator best known for his illustrations depicting soldiers in the First and Second World Wars.

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