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InnerSpace: Just Putting Lines In My Evernote

Space biting JPLIt’s around two o’ clock and I get that sense of inspiration. You know when the creative juices start flowing you should be asleep and you get that idea and that surge of energy. It’s time to jot figures or draw and I need some music.  This is always the starting point to a possible time killer unto itself where you can say goodbye to creativity. In  past days the thought of what music to play would inevitably lead one down the path of digging, whether it be in crates or lost piles and miscellaneous bags, for that right vinyl or CD.  Maybe I’m revealing my musical indecisiveness and ADD? And still what took some people trips and much fortitude and persistence, perhaps even luck and a lady to find, can now be found in a few manipulations of a digit.

To the connoisseurs who enjoyed the trips to NYC and record stores with authentic merchandise and knowledgeable talking heads, the spirit remains alive in enhanced digital media downloads and even in keeping current with social media.  Honestly there is so much access today, you might actually ‘waste’ more time if you’re not really exacting in your searches.

For my tastes and activities I’m more of a streaming music kinda guy. Push some buttons and tap some words, push another button maybe and voila!  There are tons of sites and applications to find music nowadays, like YouTube, Rhapsody, heck even Google has its own music service these days.  My go-to application for streaming music is Soundcloud.  It’s perfect because it allows me to play either a list I’ve created from posted tracks or play new and exciting ones fresh or from a search.  Soundcloud is great because it even let’s you play your favorites on random.  Best of all you can play your newly uploaded music so you can write to it!  I also love exploring and finding new music from my friends. It’s often that I come upon these dope new sounds from friends and followers and become instantly inspired. The application truly is phenomenal. I only wish it had a repeat button so you can keep playing that cut you need over and over again (hint hint).

I know there is also Spotify and I have heard remarkable things about it.  I’ve even used it a couple of times, for me soundcloud is a userface and control preference.  I also enjoy being privy to more original beats and producers.  As I write this from my phone, I must say this generation is for the writer/creator if they are willing to push and expand.  The internet and multiple platforms as well as devices allows for a splendid convergence of brilliance and possibilities.

If I’m not surfing on Soundcloud or Soundclick then I’m probably enjoying my Amazon prime membership and their prime music selection.  Say I remember an old diddy and want to retrieve it or part for a song?  I can check my Google drive or Dropbox account, send it to my Evernote account and I’m back to piecing together my creation.  I mean, sonically, the sources of inspiration are endless. As as a writer and emcee, I’m totally thankful to be born during the advent of streaming music services and platforms.  Music is like any art that you want to share with other people.  The more connections we can make and inspire should only mean the music gets brighter.


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