Are you Benny or Teddy?


Space soloJPLMagazine is pleased to announce the inaugural edition of InnerSpace from our own Spaceman.  Pieces of poetry, short stories, and freestyles verses, InnerSpace is sure to provide an accurate look at the inner workings of one of the Lime’s most talented artists and emcees.



We been the same man we don’t change
Believe that and you slow pick up the pace
Got a feeling that we dealing well ace of spades
And ain’t drinking too much just ink in they face
Been a day when you gotta say I’m my fave
Lot of people in the plot but who’s on the same page
My blood boils hot turn the venom to rage
And these women love making choices turn love to hate
Trying to grow as I know they wanna subjugate
Flip my silence to avoidance and I detonate
Got me thinking time for wilding or it’s more create
Going Mental inside my body need to leave but can’t
Going heavy in on the writtens get checks for rants

I see you listen to them lame spitters
What a shame she never came so she came with us
Ball players naw but we getting major figures
Bright lights big city taking all contenders
Got the top spot baby boy born November
Box office looks yeah she wanna see my member
Told her she could have dessert if she makes me dinner
Royal attitude first place I’m a winner
Cruise at an altitude y’all dudes will never enter
Move like a veteran started out with my letterman
My soul and my heart in it trying to be a better man
This music and this money for life’s sake we be telling it
Go getter shit nope ain’t no failing man
Real million dollar dreams bought yachts sailing in
good for right now but i know there’s only more to get
relish every moment still I treat it like a tournament


Doing it Well

Doing what the beats says, groovy like a dancin dread
Trust is after the touch lust and a couple fuck friends
Bust nuts interrupt us –
We wanna lounge hear
Chilling in the cut like eagles and air
Expound upon some thoughts savvy witticisms sound rare,
compounded with the fact that you tried then they might care,
alright well you stated this people some people hate on it,
but other folks with patience appreciate it and wait on it,
time taken for synthesis art and love are the dishes kid,
simple shit we keep seeing but passing over and skipping it
sitting wishing we didn’t regretting or reminiscing it
daydream forgetting it’s time to check the meter or pick up that pecorino
it seems each day a chance this life’s time at casinos we know it’s copacetic even hectic it’s sweet though

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