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Jagged Thought #212: A Poem to Read Before Sleep

With my tired eyes I write.
A poem to say good night.
A poem to wisk you away to sleep.
A poem that will help you dream.
A poem to keep you calm.
A poem to tuck you in.
A poem to heal your mind.
A poem to give you peace.
A poem to close your eyes
Help you catch some Zzzz’s.
A poem like chamomile.
A poem like therapy.
A poem like medication
But not so sedative.
A poem that makes you think
But not too much.
Just a poem to say it can get better…
A poem that says…the past is dead
A poem that says… you matter.
A poem that eases your head.
A poem that try’s to untie the knots
That someone tied too tight.
A poem to ease the voices.
A poem to give you sight.
A poem that lessens your cough
Or softens your breath…
A poem that unlocks the doors
That people shut you in.
A poem that makes you feel
That you belong
That you can win.
A poem that takes away the drugs
The confusion, the dose.
A poem that softens the memories
The ones that keep you up
That bother you the most.

But mostly a poem to help
You drift off into sleep.

A healing restful sleep,
With only healing
Peaceful dreams.

A remedy.
Call it a potion, or a pill,
One that calms you, eases your heavy head
Like gentle chamomile.

Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.

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