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Jagged Thoughts #46: Renaissance of Thought


For our poetry enthusiasts, we present to you this week’s edition of Jason Wright’s Jagged Thoughts, courtesy of our friends at Oddball Magazine. Enjoy.

Welcome to the Renaissance of thought

Where festivals begin and people dance
and talk,

where the beautiful mix with
the ugly

the poor with the rich
the stoned with the sober

the drunk with the rest.

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Next stop, Jagged Thoughts

This is a celebration of tattoos and bruises
Love and longing,

A drama and a comedy
A theatrical production of Macbeth

This is the beginning of a new bloom breathing
This is a dream in between
subway trains and
peace thru pain, ingrained in my brain,

to teach myself restraint, honesty, and regret

This is the 11th inning in game 7 of a seven game stretch

This is the Renaissance of a new thought process,
The best medicine for me

Is this pen
And this notebook
Titled truth be told.

No more lies here folks, its time to rewind back to a happier time
Because that’s all we got, introducing the new renaissance.


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.

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