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Jagged Thoughts- Drum in symphony/Drum together

oddball and lime together6Our boy Jason Wright delivers another captivating piece. Check out his latest Jagged Thoughts post, Drum in symphony/Drum together and tap into Life’s harmony… and dissonance.

Each of us is separated by electric pauses…

epic starts, and stops.

Breaks in the sentence…

A world caught

in the

Space of language,

The words are planets

The weight pulls closer

A tigers paw on my shoulders

A world of wreckage but its not over

A simple sheet of music.

A heart in the wilderness, a growing tantrum

A mind overcome with games

My mind, dripping punk micro sauce

Over the mega phones

Into the ears, the conundrums/ your ear drums

Drum in symphony/drum together.

something small and slow

Some things rock

And some things roll.

they do both…at least in my soul.

Something beautiful in the music

The world is a lavender rose

A world of insanity subsides

With those piano keys

Speaks slow, speaks low. Comforting me

A bright eyed musician

Plays on the radio

a lingering rose, a soul

stuck in utero

A world everyone knows,

Everyone but


Who moves his calm cloth

Dipping his palms

In the sound

Staying cool




Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.

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