Slainte mhaith

Jammy Perfectly Launched Into Mere Existence…

“C’mon man, what do you think you’re doing?” Steve said to Jammy. Jammy could dunk his ass off so they called him, well, Jammy. I’ve never seen a person with so much elasticity in their veins. He walked with a buoyancy that conveyed incredible things were possible.

“I gotta see if I can do this man, watch me now. Greatness is about to be remembered.”

I’ll never forget the words. They were so ill, impending, and daringly brash. I felt an electrocution through my body where my hands jerked out and my being felt everything yet I was paralyzed to move. Jammy was a daredevil at heart and loved to push the limits, including his own. In our town we have this memorial that is two parallel bridges connected in the middle so you have an ‘h’ design, or ladder if you like. It’s dedicated to the soldiers in the foreign wars and it’s supposed to resemble the bonds even overseas and some more blah blah. The memorial is constructed of magnificent concrete steel and marble and really does exude a practical beautiful, supportive structure that finds balance. It’s kinda cool but I live here. Jammy’s toe clutched the rail of one of the partnering bridges and you could see his body coil for launch. I, on the other hand, was a frozen spectator as to what happened next. A normal routine in flight with a graceful takeoff apparently startled a native avian and they somehow misjudged each other’s calculations. The bird was dazed and able to flutter to a decent understanding. However, Jammy looked unnaturally confused through his whole descent.


Crash and horror time lapsed through my brain as I tried to process the instance. I’m still incredulous to the sight. As I craned over to peer at the drop site, nerves like mealworms in a bin suddenly wrestled in my gut. The brain is an amazingly good and bad decision maker. Jammy’s body was coasting without a conscience along the banks of his hometown. My body summoned the ability and finally moved. I ran and called and all other actions blurred like watercolors before me. Is he ok? It looks like a suicide. Or I was involved… Who’s gonna believe the bird? Where did the bir… I can’t even. This world is uncanny in what it allows sometimes. He just launched and dropped. I can’t explain this existence sometimes…

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