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JPL2012 Year in Review

Here we stand, Limers and Limettes, on the precipice of yet another bright new year, freshly past the Mayan hysteria, ready for, according to both their calendar and ours, something new and different.  Before we get there, though, we’d like to take a look back at what the last twelve months have meant in the Life of the Lime.  You can’t get where you’re going without being where you’ve been, and with that in mind here is JPL2012, The Year in Review.

Blue Star Boulevard coverWe began 2012 traveling on winter weekends to the middle of New Hampshire to record our second album.  ‘Blue Star Boulevard’, as it would be named upon completion, outwardly was a loose tale of an artist struggling to make a success of himself and inwardly was our collective declaration of our current state within our artform.  ‘Lime on the Rocks’, our first release, had been the compilation of our early work, recorded over our first few years.  BSB was born and fed from our hunger to get in the booth and make something new and for the recording we chose Frank Santos at Superior Media, also known as J. R. Saint when behind the video camera, whose attention to detail and passion for real, quality hip-hop is second to none.  It was also our first effort at working with a single producer for an entire project, Boston-based DJ LSP, a friend of the Lime and the brilliant, eclectic mind behind half a dozen of the beats on LOTR.  The album dropped in June with an outpouring of feedback and support from you, our friends and fans.  In particular, ‘Liming On’ struck a chord over the summer and ‘What You Need’ became a hit with its winter video release (more on that in a moment).
We also began 2012 with a 1-2-12 re-launch of our website,, adding Life of the Lime, easier accessibility and a sleeker design.  With the launch of the blog, Scholar began his signature series, Rap Flashbacks, daily hip-hop lessons from a true rap historian, and the most popular piece of recurring content we’ve composed yet.

In the spring, as we finished the BSB sessions we began our efforts to increase our Facebook fanbase, reaching 1000 Fans in August and 5000 by year’s end.  We sought to engage our FB friends with a series of visual campaigns:  In June, we put forth our ‘Liming On’ campaign, aimed at expressing the core notions of BSB’s lead single.  In July and August we captured the Olympic fervor with something we called ‘BlueStarGold’, focusing on individual effort towards greatness.  In September, we introduced the world to Limehead, our lovable, world-traveling mascot with a penchant for showing up in the oddest of places.
On Twitter, we initiated #TrainTrackTunes, a hashtag game and way of sharing new music with others.  With these and other social media efforts, in 2012 we aimed to bring you a more complete JP Lime Experience, something we look to build on in 2013.

Around mid-year we were blessed with the photographic eye of Becky Whitney, a blogger and shutterbug from Vermont ( ).  She spent the day all around Boston with us, providing us with some of our sharpest shots to date and we thank her for her efforts.  July 1st proved to be full promotional day for us.  We spent the day with Rochelle Ballin, entrepreneur and founder of her own online magazine,  Her feature expressed a more personal insight into why and how we do what we do.  Rochelle traveled with us to our two radio promotions that day, first in the morning to Drumbeat Radio on WRBB, and then in the evening to the Livewire Show, an online radio show hosted by friend of the Lime Daney Foxwoodz, owner of N.O.T.S.O.B. Entertainment.  We kept the stage jumping in 2012, from our appearance in UNregular Radio’s Battle of the Bands at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester to our impromptu stop at Nomadik’s Grab the Mic Thursdays.  We launched our Youtube channel this year, complete with small-scale performance videos and behind-the-scenes footage.  We ended the year with a bang – a double shot, in fact – with the December release of both our first music video, ‘What You Need’, as well as our free mixtape, ‘A Twist of Lime’ (available through and  Twist is a sampling of unreleased material from various points in the life of the Lime.  We hope and believe it gives our listener a slightly fuller view of our musical efforts, in some cases showcasing tracks that we personally love but that didn’t make it onto either of our other releases for one reason or another.  For the video, we turned to friend and fellow entrepreneur Edison of AllRhymes Entertainment and we couldn’t be happier with the result.  A model of efficiency and professionalism, Edison’s creative concept and concise camerawork brought out a side of the Lime that has lain dormant since our inception.  We felt ‘What You Need’ was the right track to present JP Lime to the music video world, showcasing our individual styles within our collective whole with a message we strongly believe in. Thanks for watching, and you may not have seen the last of Agents J, P and L and their mysterious briefcase.

So what lies ahead as we at the Lime look on to 2013?  We don’t make resolutions over here but our goals and ambitions are strong.  Continued fanbase growth, with a keen focus on Facebook, remains a top priority.  We’ll be working to reach international markets where hip-hop thrives, specifically France, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.  We’ll be working to reach radio stations all across the country where hip-hop is alive and interesting, in particular bringing a taste of Lime to the California coast.  We’ll also be continuing to expand our brand, bringing our fans a more complete JP Lime Experience.  To that end, it is my pleasure to announce that 2013 will bring the (in some circles) long-awaited premiere of ‘Genghis Knight’, JP Lime’s own web series.  A late-night talk show for any time of day, Genghis Knight will feature captivating guests, a dose of comedy, a little something for your brain, and music to make you move, all brought to you by a boisterous and one-of-a-kind host.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for announcements and previews in the spring.

We at the Lime are driven by the knowledge that we can always reach a higher potential.  Our 2012 road was active but not easy, and the lessons we learn as individuals only serve to increase our passion for what we do.  This past year has imbued us with a feeling of strength and a renewed belief in the Power of a Dream and we stand eager upon the edge of a new year, eager to bring a new brand of hip-hop to a new brand of listener.  The Lime is ready for 2013.  The real question is whether 2013 is ready for us.  Stay tuned and Keep Limin’.

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