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#JPLMagazine – 2014 Year End Review

logo new color scheme2014 was a good year for JP Lime Productions. We took a step back from recording and performing to focus on building an online magazine. We had owned the domain for several years but as a group felt we were under-utilizing it. We’d promote a bit, post about our Boston sports teams during playoff runs, and put up an occasional Rap Flashback (the written version, no video yet), but there wasn’t much consistency. We posted reactively to current events rather than proactively playing a part in the conversation.  With that as the backdrop for the end of 2013, we entered 2014 with a purpose, direction, and drive that we’d last felt as we wrapped up our second release, Blue Star Boulevard, in 2012. We set out to build #JPLMagazine. And that we’ve done.

Our mission for#JPLMagazine is to deliver entertaining and thought-provoking multi-media content on a variety of topics, aimed at striking a chord with a viewership that craves more than trite headlines and shallow analysis. We are not a News site. We’re not out to report everything that happens in Hip Hop, Sports, Politics, Poetry, or Pop Culture, but we will write about those subjects, always aiming to further the conversation. Instrumental in our desire to provide interesting and enjoyable content was our partnership with as well as, two stellar online publications in their own right with whom we very much enjoy the collaborative process and whose syndicated contributions to our site have fortified our efforts. With our posts and those of our partners we hope to provide a viewpoint that’s fun, dynamic, and informed. Our viewership is growing each month and our social media presence continues to expand, as evidenced by increased followers and retweets by prominent emcees such as Chuck D, Akrobatik, Pepa, and Treach. We’d like to thank our readers for checking in and invite you to come back often as we are poised for an even stronger 2015.

That said, with 2014 on its way out, we’d like to take a step back to reflect on some of the more memorable posts and moments from the past year. Look out for the Rap Flashback Recap -2014, which will publish on Wednesday and follow the links below to review some of 2014’s top #JPLMagazine posts. Thank you for reading and Lime On.

The Black In Man Chuck D#JPLAlbumReviews

The Black In Man – Album Review — (Chuck D)

Shady XV Certainly Isn’t Ass’ — (Shady Records Compilation, various artists)

Built to Last – Album Review — (Akrobatik)



Kasinova Tha Don – Thug Life Lives

Sur5ill – Nerd Rap 101

Hip Hop Psych – Can Rap Music Treat Depression?



NBA Finals – What it means for Duncan, Lebron, and KOBE???

NBA Preview Examined Through Rap Songs

Pats Preview – Here, Catch!


protestor in police circle#JPLPolitics

What’s The Story, Ferguson Missouri?

We’ve Protested – What Do We Do Now?

Grand Fury – Stop Police Brutality



Lyric Analysis – “Hip Hop”, by Mos Def

Lyric Analysis – Outkast, ‘Rosa Parks’

I Used To Love H.E.R. – Lyric Analysis



Sons of Anarchy – The Final Ride

‘The Newsroom’ Concludes Its “Mission to Civilize”

2014 VMA Timeline


jpl at bonnaroo resized#JPLConcerts

On The Run – 2 Contrasting Takes On Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Mega-Tour


Bonnaroo Night 3 – Jack White, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and more



Nicki Minaj vs. Iggy Azalea – A Battle For Rap Supremacy & So Much More

Remy Ma’s Home, Grown, And Ready To Bring It

Charlo Greene – Strong Advocate or Wild Weed Head?



Another Banner Year – A Basketball Poem

Turkey And Football – A Thanksgiving Football Poem



Jagged Thoughts #50 – Don’t Let Your Notebook Become Your Joke Book — (Oddball Magazine)

Raineman’s Rant: End of the Road? — (Around The Bean)

happy new year wallpaper 2015

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