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Just Picture Lessons In (a) Massachusetts Evening

If you’ve been following the Lime for a while you know we’re kinda weird. That’s cool with me and it’s the aim most times.  I love original things with that bizarre eclectic glow.  I really like dope neon signs.  They’re ill as hell to me.  How can you not love anything that just shines like that?  I’m insatiably drawn to such things.  Bright, out there, seemingly simple and knowingly sort of complex comprised of molecules, air, and some sort of message, yeah I wanna know what that’s about.  I wanna grow up and be comprised of that dope ether matter.  That’s a life goal.  I mean I find beauty in nearly any and everything, I am truly blessed.  Sadly, I feel most the world doesn’t feel like this.
It hurt me for so long on younger days overcast with other people’s moods doubts and feelings.  People wake up to the sun, dope faces, limitless opportunity, the chance to be nice to someone or make something along with countless other possibilities, but strangely they don’t want or try.  And I’m not naive at thirty three, my Larry Jesus year, I know life happens I hear it everyday, but what about perseverance?  I’m writing to the mass public while checking my reserves and priorities.  I don’t get mad anymore, well sometimes I do, but the other times I recommit to my talents and delving further into astrological and progressive sciences.
Those funky bright full body suits are still on my Amazon prime wish list queue.  I don’t need an excuse to stand out, I just do, so I learned to embrace it.  Being who you want to be and doing what you want is just like picking out that new suit you have to slim down/bulk up for to get into, or putting on that costume to be someone ‘different’.  You have to be willing to try a couple different things and go out of your comfort zone sometimes.  Who knows, maybe your comfort zone is actually your restrictive area.
nightmare space2This past weekend, I was asked to do a photo shoot for a friend of a friend I met through work.  The job required me to possibly shave my beard, have my upper chest and face painted and be subject to whatever whim the photographer might suggest in order to best convey her child nightmares and terrors dream theme.  My friend happens to be gay and whenever I mentioned this to some people and what I was doing the looks I got were certainly comedy.  I’ll assume some people thought I was doing something crazy/weird and the setting would be uncomfortable because of the company.  Well to those people, yes and yes, but I’ll explain.
The theme of the photo shoot was childhood nightmares and terrors.  I was depicting an evil creature envisioned by my friend in a butterfly chair his mother put in his room.  I was in a room with two girls and a guy with my shirt off wearing black body paint and wings sitting in a butterfly chair.  I’ve never done any of that before, no matter present company’s sexual orientation, so why wouldn’t I feel a little uncomfortable?  I don’t really ever walk around with my shirt off even, though I probably could now.  Former chunky kid, the thought really never crosses my mind. I just wanted to be able to do a pull-up.  I also had many problems with nightmares and bed wetting as a child so I could definitely relate to the anxiety of going to sleep and having premonitions as well as visions of evil bladder pressing goblins creeping in the dark.   And I must admit, the body paint was a trip because the process is just someone dabbing your body with a cold wet color until they think you look that color enough.  And I’m sure the comments will vary as to the pics, so I’m certainly anticipating that. Sure enough a psychological project is in there somewhere.
nightmare space1For me, being able to be the evil creature was actually very cool and cathartic.  As an adult, it was good to feel and know I had conquered those childhood phobias and inhibitions and do it in a creative way that hopefully sheds light on the subject and maybe even helps kids through that stage somehow.  I’ll say now I’m also drawn to dark things that lurk in the shadow crevices of the mind and soul.  I love light because I’m fascinated by dark and vice versa.  More often than not, they are derived from each other in a sense; you need one to notice the other.  Overall I am glad that I was able to get over something within myself to try something for the greater good.  I love art that aspires to educate and inspire.  I really like weird things.  Hopefully I can continue to expand my comfort zone, try new things and help people in the name of art.

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  1. There are so many things I like about this, but I will keep it brief. Thanks for not being concerned with bearing not only your physical body but your heart to your readers. One of my favorite lines was “maybe your comfort zone is actually your restrictive area.” I wish more of us when ready would put aside our fears and allow others in. I know for me that whenever I do that, whenever I allow myself to not be concerned with others’ opinions or the possibility of being rejected is when I feel the most alive. Thank you.

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