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Just Plain Learning Is Mula Excrement

Spaceman has learning on the brainAll things are good. This is the mantra I will start saying to myself when things get rough. I’m going to be my own shrink and shaman for a few and see how this works. All things are good and will be amazing, thank you for everything so far. That’s it. That feels more natural and akin to the receptive and grateful feelings I have; I’m just wondering where to go next.

Kids are gonna be kids. They don’t know themselves most days and I get that, but effort and communication is all I ask. I realize the irony of this statement as it pertains to my personal life but that is a lesson I’m trying to learn as I grow. Even still physical movement has helped me tremendously with my progress thus far and I think it can help everybody in multiple areas of their life. I’m writing this because I’m trying to convey this message to a bunch of high schoolers as I try to motivate them to workout. The struggle to motivate then has become increasingly hard since I have recently learned that my position is being cut in half next year. Due to budget cuts and subsequent meetings, the physical education position for next year has been cut in half. Pity party is soon to be over, however, I fail to realize how a school can continue to rationalize cutting their physical education programs so abruptly, but then that’s what they do. Committees rationalize everything for their personal and temporal reasons and always will.

Save Our Libraries sign, learning in BostonMy school also cut their librarian so who knows what they’re going to do with the library now. They’re probably going to rent it out a la hotel chains and a private reading group will have literary discussions about mind expanding books while a literally starving generation walks by because they can’t use it now and most don’t eat the crappy lunch 60% of the week. Fridays are pizza. Some things don’t change. I have to motivate myself again to motivate within tough and changing circumstances. Ugghh. I want this to change though. I want far better circumstances and security.

When I started the job I began as a substitute. The previous teacher who held the job apparently had some difficulties and he could no longer remain there. The kids are amazing, it’s a high school position and something I was very much looking forward to doing after subbing for a middle school gym teacher for basically all of last year. What started as day to day soon became a situation where I was doing a great job but in order to stay I would be required to pass the physical education certification test and become certified to teach high school gym. So, now I had to miss no days, learn a totally new school culture, emotional environment and really those of my 100 plus students in order to make an impact and actually do my job and hopefully keep it. The crazy thing is it’s been about three months, I’ve since passed my test and there is still no word as why the job is actually not opened. It does not make sense to me how I can do a job that is not available as of right now this year and yet be a position they already cut in half next year. I am extremely frustrated right now.

What I truly mean to say is how come this situation is not handled by now? I have to believe that the current position which is not open but I am holding right now is definitely having an economic effect on our current budget situation. And if I’m right, the question is how many placeholders and contractual disputes are not getting their just litigation and proper compensation or dismissal. As for BPS, there is way too much money wasted on personal attacks and cover ups for the sake of friend hiring or personal career advancement. There is also tons of money wasted on building mismanagement and inefficient saving infrastructures. The inefficient infrastructure also stems to rising costs in wasted paper where green initiatives could be implemented on a school level at least to save paper and money.

I just want a better system for the kids. Yes, I am passionate about this but it’s more than a job to me. I may teach or not and yes that largely depends on what happens with my position after these cuts. For my level of training, commitment and the love I put into my work and my career I feel I deserve more security and a better situation. I have faith this will manifest. In the meantime, I hope people begin to realize that schools are the foundation of our society. Most of what is embedded within us comes from school and family and I would like to think of schools as second families. They should aim to provide that love and nurturing support that encourages the spark to learn and grow. Lately I feel like we are becoming accustomed to allowing dysfunctional schools.

Please do yourself a favor and stay up to date with your environment. Be active in your community, your schools, and definitely your government. Things are being decided daily that will affect you. Stay ahead, Learn about your environment people.

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