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Justice Practices Listening In My Existence…

street cleaningGood morning! Great, now the niceties are out of the way. There is no doubt I have been reckless in my life, maybe a bit impetuous and lately it’s designed insubordination. I have had the profound blessing of being able to teach at different schools, learn from different cultures, and observe a variety of neighborhoods and their mindsets and/or rules and allowances.

Lately, I’ve had the honor of being in Roslindale and Hyde Park. Now from the outset they might not appear different, but they are quite different from say, my beloved Dorchester and Mattapan. And the ways in which they are different are quite sneaky and scary. You see, I’ve made calls this entire week to my city councillor’s office and I’ve realized yet again while they are trying to help, Dorchester and the like don’t have advocates like a Hyde Park.

Why doesn’t Hyde Park have street cleaning? Who deems which streets deserve to be cleaned? And the deservedness is clearly a favor in form of punishment because ALL towns should have their street cleaned, otherwise it’s not nice, it’s an arbitrary obligation thrust upon an entire neighborhood. I’m tired of paying for other people’s assumptions and I can’t help but raise the question, why only the inner city? We’re not necessarily dirtier than others because I see despicable streets in Hyde Park. Why are there no street cleaning signs in Roslindale, West Roxbury, or Hyde Park? I raise the question in absolute curiosity and fairness. The above picture is of a corner in Hyde Park where there would be a street cleaning sign in an ‘urban’ neighborhood is all I can say.

Furthermore, the street cleaning apparatus does a wonderful job of pushing trash around and leaving a horrible smell, so who are we kidding? Do you need qualifications to ride it? Does anyone but a white driver drive them? I am open to debate and the possibility of being wrong. As of right now actually, I encourage it. I will be waging a campaign against the legitimacy and equity involved in where and why they street clean. I sincerely hope you join me in my quest to eradicate street cleaning for good. Clean your area. C’mon, you can do it!!

If you really wanna help, please call the Boston City Council office at 617-635-3040 and ask them about the why and specifically where of street cleaning practices. Thank you!

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