Slainte mhaith

Lyrical Content

Hip-hop as an art-form has evolved to a point where artists are skilled with words, with metaphor and multi-syllabic rhyming, skilled in ways that would make an 18th century poet inspired. The problem comes in the fact that the content of most verses is monotonous. We have convinced ourselves as fans and creators that a hip-hop song is supposed to talk about guns, forties and bitches, and continuously lie about our level of income and/or success. These notions have been fed to us for 20 years now and they play on a level of fantasy within the average listener who enjoys imagining him/herself in the outlaw role, tough and inebriated, with no need to think about anyone but himself. Indeed, that irreverence is fun and actually adds to the independent spirit so central in hip-hop but it can’t be all we’ve got. In order for hip-hop to reach its greatest potential as an art-form we have to broaden the musical experience we create. Hip-hop has the ability to be as big as rock ‘n roll was at its height in the early 70’s and to me one of the biggest reasons is that when your main medium is words the possibilities are infinite. Yes, there are lyrics in most every other genre of music but hip-hop is the only art-form where the lyrics are arguably the primary focus above the instrumental component. Here at the Lime lyrical content is a big part of our identity and something on which we pride ourselves. As we look forward to where hip-hop is going we encourage both artists and listeners to step up their lyrical game. Follow our Lyric of the Day all this week and as always, keep an eye out for all new JP Lime media.  The Third Wave of Hip-Hop is coming, hope you’re ready to ride.

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