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Mom Madness, Round 2

Mom Madness, Round 3

The Second Round of our Mom Madness tournament pitted some true tv titans against one another as our field of competitors narrowed from sixteen to eight. In our First Round, Aunt Vivian from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air pulled a difficult victory from Good Times’ Florida Evans, two strong black mother figures from very different financial backgrounds, each a marker in television history for the portrayal of the way African-American families dealt with having and not having money. The Huxtables were wealthy but the Banks’ were rich, and much of the show’s comedy centered around Carleton and Hilary’s ineptitude brought on by their wealthy upbringing. Aunt Viv was a lively, take-no-guff woman and often the only one who truly understood Will. Despite Roseanne’s groundbreaking status, the Queen of Bel-Air gets the victory in Round 2.

Aunt Vivian

In our Modern division, Round One brought an inter-family showdown as the two hot moms from Modern Family squared off. Gloria, the firey Columbian, is an open and caring mother to Manny, never judging or trying to change his 45-year-old-man-stuck-in-a-ten-year-olds-body ways. Claire, Gloria’s step-daughter, is the mother of three and the crux of the family at large. In a near-draw, tipped by Gloria’s nasally whining, Claire pulls out a close victory.

Claire and Gloria

A fan favorite in this tournament, Morticia Addams finds herself gliding effortlessly through the first two rounds. In the opening round, she found herself with an easy victory over fellow fright-family mom Lily Munster and in Round Two she laid waste to Mother Cleaver. Morticia was one of the first to portray an attractive and sexually-active matron while her still and quiet mannerisms, coupled with her (and her family’s) fascination with death created a deep and unique mix. The values of the Addams family may be different than other families – at least until compared with those in the Badass division – but there is no mistaking that theirs is a family of love and cohesiveness. In a most appropriate fashion, “Tish” takes a kitchen knife and lays the Cleaver to rest.

Morticia Addams

Join us tomorrow for our biggest showdowns yet to determine who will ultimately take home the title of Top Mom.

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