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Mom Madness, Round 3

Mom Madness, Round 4

As we get into the final rounds of our Mom Madness tournament, some of our moms have pushed strongly through the early going. Lois Griffin laid waste to the Cartoon division, leaving some iconic animated moms behind her. Though Wilma Flintstone remains near and dear to everyone’s heart (what prehistoric style!), Lois’ forays into action and adventure show there is little the Rhode Island mother can’t handle. In addition, though they are similar, Peter Griffin’s antics prove to be a bigger challenge than those of Fred Flintstone, with Lois taking it all in stride. In Round 3, Lois would meet a figure created thirty years before, drawing the seductive and deadly Morticia Addams. In the end, while the Addams Family mom is truly one of a kind, Lois is the more complete package, and the one to whom we would turn for either motherly advice or a night on the town. The Family Lady moves on.

Lois Stewie

As explored earlier, the moms in our 80’s division are all working professionals, a contrast to our 90’s division moms, three out of four of whom are homemakers. Harriette Winslow of Family Matters, a strong, god-fearing woman, is the one working mother from her division and the character around whom the show was spun-off from the series Perfect Strangers. Harriette may have made it further in our tournament had she not met Jill Taylor in Round 2. The wife of Toolman Tim Taylor, Jill does not always take things in stride, often displaying frustration with the foibles of her husband and sons, a somewhat more realistic response than some of the other indefatigable moms on our list. In addition, Jill pushed back against the role of women, often against her chauvinist-but-not-really hubby. Even Jill’s strength of character in her all-male environment, though, would falter in the face of one of the greatest tv moms of all time, and an early favorite in this tournament, Clair Huxtable, dominant and victorious through three rounds.

Clair Rudy

From our 70’s division comes a mother out of place and time but possessing a personality to carry her further in our competition than one might initially think. Had Kitty Forman been placed in the era-correct Modern division, she would have advanced quickly but when placed in the 70’s division that is the backdrop for her tv show, she meets some greater, more immovable mother figures. Kitty fulfills the role of “adopted” mom to a group of kids, similar to Marion Cunningham (where Mrs. Cunningham has the Fonz, Kitty has Hyde), helping to raise not just her own two children but aiding in the development of their friends as well. Kitty is goofy, fun-loving, and dorky in a way only a mom can be, seemingly made to be a wife and mother – she immediately starts cooking when worried or frustrated or pensive. Kitty has quickly risen to the top of tv moms from the last couple of decades and finds herself with some perhaps surprising victories over iconic opponents Mrs. Cunningham, Carol Brady and, in Round Three, Aunt Viv.


There are still a couple more battles left before we determine our matronly victor. Check back later today as we conclude our tournament and award the title of Top Mom. Who do you think it will be?

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