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Mom Madness

Mom Madness
This Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day on which we all take time to celebrate the women who created us, raised us, nurtured and disciplined us, the women who taught us about the world around us and who made us feel safe and sound. In celebration of great Moms everywhere, we at the Lime are proud to announce our first ever edition of Mom Madness, where we pit the greatest television Moms of all time head-to-head to find out who takes the title of Top Mom.

While a few mother figures may have been excluded, this list is pretty comprehensive, both in time and style but one characteristic underlies all the mothers included: they are strong Moms who love their kids. Whether they be cartoons, criminals, or lost in outer space, these moms all bring conviction, strength of character and dedication to their family and they have each taught us something about our collective notions of motherhood.

We have grouped the chosen Moms into sub-categories of four, placing each Mom on an even footing of competition, at least in the opening round. Our Badass category contains a self-made weed queenpin, the wife of a New Jersey mob boss, a cold-blooded murdering Queen, and the resident mom for a group of outlaws known as the Sons of Anarchy (as well as being the biological mother of their charter’s President).  ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ includes four women from different financial backgrounds for whom money plays a central role in their television life.  While many folks reading this article will no doubt be familiar with all the moms in our 80’s and 90’s groups, they all sprouted from roots planted by June Cleaver and the other moms in our Early category. Our 70’s group contains two veritable icons of the decade in Carol Brady and Shirley Partridge, one mom from the 2000’s but set in the 70’s in Kitty Forman, and Marion Cunningham, whose ‘Happy Days’ dealt similarly in nostalgia, airing in the late 70’s and early 80’s but set in the 50’s and 60’s.

Finally, you may be asking, what exactly are the criteria for “greatest mom”? Well that’s really an age-old mystery isn’t it? There’s no handbook for parenthood and styles of mother are as diverse as the women themselves. So we’ll just go ahead and leave that open for now, and see how things work out along the way. Enjoy the bracket and check back later today as we review some of the contests in our First Round.
Happy Mother’s Day to all and I love you Mom!

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