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Oddball Magazine – An Introduction

Back in May, the good folks at Oddball Magazine decided to run a piece featuring our video for the track ‘What You Need’, off our 2012 LP entitled ‘Blue Star Boulevard’.  Having had several conversations with Editor and Owner Jason Wright, we at JP Lime Productions are not only returning the favor and running a feature on Oddball Magazine, but also plan to work more closely with them in the coming months, pooling our collective talents to bring our respective readers more fresh, varied content.  That said however, for the time being we invite you to read the following interview we conducted with Jason and implore you to check out his poem entitled, ‘A Letter To The World‘ which you can read here. You can also watch Jason perform the piece here or at the bottom of this post, after the interview.  Lastly, be sure to satisfy your poetic thirst at  Now, onto the interview.

Oddball Magazine

What’s up Jason? Lets get right down to the nitty gritty. What exactly is Oddball Magazine?

Short answer is I don’t know. I mean it’s a poetry magazine that I have poured my heart and soul into.  It’s is a hybrid of poetry and art, photography, mixed with both amateur poets and seasoned poets.  We feature slam, abstract, lyrical, and plain ol’ odd. We are the pulse of Boston poetry.

That’s awesome homeslice.  So who exactly is the Oddball Family?

Our team is comprised of brilliant artists like TJ Edson and Alison Gold, Stacy Esch and James Conant among others. We have two dedicated editors myself and Chad Parenteau. We have amazing columnists like James Van Looy and Andrew Borne.

I see tons of columns on the site, whats that about?

We like to give our favorite poets columns. Andrew Borne has 7x and Janet Cormier has Bamboozled No More. James Van Looy has It’s all One Thing, and Chad has his “Lastish Word” with George Panagopolous. Also we have 3TV our multimedia column and Friday Stone Soup Servings which reps Stone Soup an amazing Poetry open mic with a feature every week. It’s always full of awesome poets! Chad hosts it on Mondays. Chad is a busy guy, I mean we both have weekly columns.

jagged-thoughts-bannerSo what’s your column called and when do you publish it?

I have a column every Tuesday called Jagged Thoughts.

Nice. I’m a fan of the diversity in the columns. What do you like about them?

What I like about the columns featured on Oddball is that poetry that is political, topical, humorous, or rhythmic, street prose, and sonnets…I mean, it all comes together. Oddball Magazine is a place where all writers and artists can unite. It is truly a magazine for anyone who isn’t anything.

“Magazine for anyone who isn’t anything.” Now that’s interesting… Can you elaborate on that? Was that part of your overarching vision?

Yup, that’s how it started, Oddball. it was originally a concept of a couple of nobodies doing nothing, people who didn’t fit, didn’t belong. It was what I could do to mark my role in society. Starting Oddball gave me a purpose.

When did you first come up with the concept for Oddball?

Oddball started in my brain in 1998. I had a dream, a literal dream that I woke up with the symbol of the Oddball and everything and I kept the dream going till it went digital.  And now, Oddball is the dream, and it is still growing. Its origin was in pain, and now it is promise.

So wait, you’re telling me it started from a dream? That’s something else, but inspiring at the same time. Who’d a thunk it? 

Yeah, I know huh, I am happy this is what my vision was for Oddball. I also have other ideas as well, but right now I am really happy with it. I am in the works of making Oddball a press, and publishing Oddball Poets, and also anthologies of the magazine. There are so many great poets who have been in Oddball we’d like to showcase them in print.

What about those that aren’t poets? What do you say to them?

I would say to them to just write poetry, try rhyming words together. You’ll discover the freedom in words. Poetry, real poetry comes from an emotion.  Comes from anger, or frustration, happiness or the vapid sense of depression. Either it is based in love or hate. I mean It’s the spectrum of emotion put into words.

That’s deep man, I can dig it.

Yeah, poets don’t belong ya know, and by doing this magazine I belong, I took my odd mind and created a community, I created something beautiful. And that’s what the poets do at Oddball Magazine. They create beauty.

So how often do you publish?

Five days a week.

Five days a week, huh?

Yup, five days a week delivering new art, and new poetry.  We love to publish and we put up poetry because we love it. It’s in our DNA.

So what do you do when you are not Editor and Owner of Oddball Magazine?

I like beer and food…a lot. A nice double IPA and a cheeseburger and some music and I‘m good. Sometimes I play music under the name Man The Storm. It’s all love.

You’re speaking my language, my man. We at JP Lime Productions also enjoy a good burger and a beer. I mean aside from sober vegetarians, who doesn’t? In any event, thanks a ton Jason, we appreciate your time and thoughtfulness and we truly dig your vision. We look forward to working with Oddball Magazine more closely in the coming months. Lets get some work done.  

Thanks for your time, JP Lime. 

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