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The Oddball Show with Jus Enuf

Tonight on the podcast the Oddballs welcome back emcee and multi-genre artist, Jus Enuf. We’ll explore the unique style of his Off The Cuff Productions video series and we’ll find out just what vegan fuel powers his brand of Hip Hop. We’ll also be talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline, the strong but preliminary victory of Sunday night, and what the water protectors will do going forward as they get hit by a North Dakota blizzard. It’s all right here on this edition of the #OddballShow.

Pertinent Links

Jus Enuf

Jus Enuf on Soundcloud

Off the Cuff Productions

Dreamt Days Off

Jus Enuf on Instgram


Standing Rock and DAPL

Official Sacred Stone Camp website

VeteranStand movement on Twitter – @VeteranStand, @WesClarkJr, @MichaelAWoodJr

Other twitterers to follow for continuous information on Standing Rock:

@SacredStoneCamp, @OcetiCampNews, @RuthHHopkins, @Rebelutionary_Z

Unicorn Riot – website and twitter account (@UR_Ninja)

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