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The Oddball Show with Not Art

The Oddball Show podcast with Not ArtOn tonight’s show, the Oddballs welcome the mysterious figure of the Boston art scene known as Not Art.  If you’re local, specifically to Somerville and Cambridge, you’ve maybe seen his simple, namebrand stencil graffiti’d in the most innocuous of places around the city.  You may have also caught sight of it with the @notart handle on Instagram.  Is his work a descendent of artists like Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp or is it vandalism?  What statement does it make about what we believe art to be?  We’ll tackle these questions, as well as where the Not Artist is headed next on this edition of the #OddballShow.


Pertinent Links

Not Art’s Facebook page

Not Art on Instagram

Not Art article in Boston Magazine

Not Art article from WGBH news

Rich Mackin’s 1999 Non-Protest

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