Are you Benny or Teddy?

Poem by Secret Genius

Care of our friends at Oddball Magazine and with the grand jury decision on Wilson’s indictment under deliberation, we present this work from Secret Genius.
#JusticeforMikeBrown #HandsUpDontShoot

secret genius' poster mike brown

pigs placed on paid vacation
after foulin out playin racial extermination
prejudice dispostion
backed by bogus basic instinct
silenced eyewitness
self defense without evidence of suspicion
probable cause irrelevant since racism nonexistent
above the law white privelege
paid off justice system
moral lesson victims

trayvon martin forget-me-not
jordan davis forget-me-not
eric garner forget-me-not
michael brown forget-me-not
darrien hunt forget-me-not
ezell ford forget-me-not

beautiful black boys soiled too soon
it’s time we dig for somethin good
fight to plant power that blooms
our minds need seeds of worth sown
now let us GROW
watch my people show the world
see how big I am with just words!

Secret Genius – The only son of a Haitian born couple who are now legally separated. Known simply as Johnny amongst contemporary fellows, the artist has no orthodox work schedule and after awakening during the day promptly followed by exclaiming gratitude for peace of mind, blessings, and personal well being. Initially, Johnny begins thinking, then strategizes, and goes forth to produce works through any medium beckoning to be used with the creative fuel circulating the veins within his corpse bound by naturally impending deadline.

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