Are you Benny or Teddy?

R U #Ready2Roo?

jpl at bonnaroo resizedGreetings Limesters, Bonnaroovians, and all other Galactic Voyagers!

The time that so many have eagerly awaited is finally at hand as the Bonnaroo campgrounds officially open at 8pm today. As someone who’s never been to Bonnaroo I write this report with a hint of jealousy, a hint that grows, in fact, the more research I do. As I comb through excited Twitter and Instagram posts of folks on their way to Manchester, Tennessee, the hip-hopping hippie in me yearns for such a weekend of continuous music and energy. The number of acts I’d want to see is overwhelming and the magnitude of such an artistic celebration is thrilling. Over the next 5-6 days I’ll be sharing all the highlights that I can grab, so that you, our readers and fans, may also experience the fun we’ve both been missing out on.

Social media is, by nature, a public forum and as such I will be sharing images, statuses, videos and other material that are not my own, steering clear of what seem to be personal conversations, in the aim of capturing the concert experience from those in the middle of it. If, for any reason, I have shared something of yours that you wish I had not simply contact me and I will gladly remove it.

Especially with the sheer size of this event, selectivity in the acts we cover is a necessity, and given our crunchy hip-hop center acts of that genre tend to grab our attention first. But we at the Lime are into a wide array of music and we would love to hear your suggestions as to whom you think we and our fans should be paying attention at The Farm this year. Comment here, tweet and instagram us @jplime, or throw a post on our Facebook wall.

The time has come, my friends; are you #Ready2Roo?

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