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Raineman’s Rant: Adrian Peterson

Peterson Son

Our good friend Raineman, head writer at makes a poignant case for the Vikings to get Adrian Peterson back on the field.  What are your thoughts? Be sure to sound off in the comments section or tweet us at @AroundTheBean & @JPLime.

Ok let’s get right into the rant…Can we all please cut the moral garbage and just let Adrian Peterson back into the league?? I totally understand why the Vikings would want to cut ties (the ONLY reason is that their sponsors are threatening to pull their $) and I do agree that what AP did was awful, but there is no debate regarding him breaking any NFL rules. On 11/4/2014, Peterson pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charge of recklessly assaulting his 4-year old son. This is part of a plea deal which keeps him from serving jail time, and he is also required to complete 80 hours of community service. In short, the man has good lawyers. This justice dealt by the state of Texas has caused quite a stir, and also highlights the issues we face when we live in a society that pushes athletes as role-models.

I do not condone what Adrian Peterson did…but I am also not looking to Adrian Peterson, the football player, for guidance in my life. Adrian Peterson isn’t here to give me sage advice on raising my children. Adrian Peterson is not here to raise your children, and he also isn’t here to be told how to raise his children. What he did to his son was not a result of his upbringing, as I was brought up the same way. It was a result of him losing his temper and crossing the line.

Vikings Meme

My mother is in the inaugural class of the ass-whooping hall of fame, so I certainly know about being raised with the use of corporal punishment. Did my mother go too far at times? Yes. Was she aware that she had gone too far? Absolutely. The only difference in those times were that law enforcement officials did not deal out justice for “going too far”. There is no question regarding the act being right or wrong in Adrian Peterson’s case. He lost his cool, and he went too far, and even the State of Texas (who condones corporal punishment) also thought that he went too far. YES the Ass-Whooping State thought that he “whipped” too hard! Is this morally reprehensible? YES. No doubt about it. But, seriously, is that what is being questioned here? Do we really think that the Minnesota Vikings want to hold hands as an organization and beat every child in site with a switch because they have yet to cut Peterson??

How about we separate the “moral” aspect of this topic from the “business” aspect of it. Based on Peterson’s employer’s current rules, he should be re-instated. The social media era has made us all painfully aware that businesses do not have moral compasses, and that they simply wish to make more money. This has never been a secret, this is business 101. So why the public outcry for businesses to acquire morals?? In my opinion, the outrage aimed at this issue is fake. The real truth is that people would rather have the NFL + other entities that take their money make this moral decision for them… and suspend Adrian Peterson for being morally wrong. This helps some parents of children who want a new AP jersey as these parents do NOT want to have to explain WHY they are not purchasing said jersey. And throughout all of this “outrage”, fans will never hand over their Minnesota Vikings season tickets no matter how many star players beat their children. It is all B.S., as the fans are still coming out in droves.

Vikings Money ClipIf you want me to really believe that people are outraged, then stop buying game tickets. Stop watching the games, cancel that NFL League pass, and change the channel. This is the only approach that actually works. Why? Because this is a BUSINESS people! Bleed the beast, don’t feed the beast. Stop watching ESPN to find moral role models for your children, and start stepping up and becoming that role model yourself. And no, you do not need to be on a $3 million dollar contract to be a “moral” role model. Maybe that is the issue…the parents themselves look up to athletes due to their paychecks. A fat paycheck makes you a good businessman, and nothing else. Sports can teach us many moral lessons, but that happens when we read between the lines and see athletes as human beings. Based on recent events, AP is definitely a flawed human being, but he broke no NFL or Minnesota Vikings rules, and the law gave him a misdemeanor charge. Businesses cannot choose to change rules based on general ignorance. Business is business. There should be no debate here, Vikings. End the madness and either re-instate him or cut him, because nobody believes that this is a drawn-out process due to you being torn on making the correct moral decision. Handle your business.

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