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Raineman’s Rant – Damn Kobe

The homeboy, Raineman, head writer at and good friend of the Lime chimes in on the Laker’s early season struggles and the growing perception that it’s 5 time champion Kobe Bryant’s fault. Is Kobe’s inflated salary to blame, or does ownership need to take a look in the mirror and re-asses their spending practices? Raineman shares his thoughts below. What are yours? As always, please sound off in the comments section and/or tweet us @aroundthebean & @jplime.

I feel dirty typing this…but I am feeling sorry for Kobe Bryant. It is quite obvious with the hiring of Byron Scott, the signing of Jeremy Lin + Carlos Boozer (Yes…Carlos BOOZER) that The Buss Family has a plan. The plan is to blame Kobe “Bean” Bryant for absolutely everything wrong with their organization. And when they do “right” the ship…Kobe’s contract gives them even more time for the organization to align + lament with fans over what happened, and to point the blame at KOBE and his contract.

For some reason, the NBA is the only league where we do not put the feet of the DUMB owners to fire, and the public actually blames Kobe for taking the money that was offered to him? Because he should be a GM for his team as well as their star player?? Come ON people! They are even allowing Jeremy Lin to help them in setting up the “Blame Kobe” Game with his comments a few days ago.

I will keep this short because I do not want to continuously re-state the same obvious point, as this is pretty easy. Kobe Bryant is not the issue in Los Angeles. The OWNERSHIP and the dumbasses who are handing out contracts are to blame. Laker fans think that they will never have to deal with issues like these…but remember…even the Celtics went through it. RE-BUILDING. Either you Laker fans can choose to admit this…or you can choose to ruin EVERYTHING and forcefully jettison your only hope at prominence again within the next 5-10 years (YES I SAID 5-10 years. Don’t believe me?? See the Celtics post-dynasty in the early 90’s as an example. That shit takes TIME to build. Time, smarts, and luck).
Yes…the Celtics aren’t doing so well either…but we aren’t paying Kobe that $. Smiley face !

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