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Raineman’s Rant: End of the Road?

Given the flurry of trade rumors surrounding Rondo the past few days, our friend Raineman of has a thing or two to say.  Here’s his latest ‘Raineman’s Rant’:

End of the Road??

Ok… I give up. I have fought feverishly to keep Rajon Rondo with the Celtics as I still believe that a proven point guard and a proven Center are the hardest things to find in the NBA…but he WILL be traded soon per various trade rumors. The long and dragged-out process is finally coming to an end and he will soon be jettisoned from the Captain’s seat in TD Garden. I will give credit to Danny Ainge and the Celtics for not trying to institute a Red Sox-like “smear campaign” to get the public against Rondo (a la Manny Ramirez, Terry Francona, #smearcampaign Jon Lester!).  Oh they did no such thing. Instead they utilized the line-ups of Brad Stevens (who actually plays all of his roster) to let Celtics fans see a glimpse into the future, and eventually see a Celtics team without Rondo.

While Marcus Smart is “possibly” injury-prone, he is a great defensive player. Kelly Olynyk, Marcus Thornton and other young players are showing promise.

Danny Ainge confirmed that discussions are ongoing on 98.5 the Sports Hub this morning, and this will most likely happen in exchange for assets and role-players, but I do have one prediction:

Prediction: This will be an “amicable” split. While many believe that Rajon Rondo is…well…sort of a dick… I believe he will leave Boston on very good terms, which is rare in this modern era of sports. I also believe that this will be a split that will end up working out well for both parties involved (if only two teams are involved in the trade) as the asking price for Rondo remains high + Rondo will make any team instantly better.

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