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Raineman’s Rant: The Chicago Bears Suck

Head sports correspondent at, our good friend Raineman sounds off on the Chicago Bears’ futility. Any fans of Da Bears out there? Share your thoughts in the comments section or tweet us at @AroundTheBean and/or @JPLime.


Quick note: The Chicago Bears suck. And I really mean it man, they SUCK.

This all began when the New England Patriots held hands and “Stomp-danced” all over the Chicago Bears 51-23 in week 8:IMG_3732.JPG

Since that annihilation…the Bears have had 156 points scored on them in the past 5 games, winning 2 of those 5 games due to lackluster opponents (Minnesota, Tampa Bay), bringing them to a grand total of 5-8 for the season.


To add insult to injury, the heart and soul of their team, Brandon Marshall, went down with an injury that required an ambulance ride after taking a knee to his right side in the 2nd quarter. This happened just a few plays after he completed a 42-yard reception to get the Bears in position for a touchdown. Brandon Marshall at least tried to give some pride back to Bears fans with his “Yes we Can” attitude, but now he is gone. Now, the Bears are stuck with Jay Cutler to be the spiritual leader of the team. Jay Cutler, who reminds me of Ron Burgundy when he was fired from KVWN channel 4 in San Diego and was spotted chugging milk while roaming the streets IMG_3734.GIFHe is a BUM.

And to make it EVEN WORSE…you losers just handed the Dallas Cowboys their FIRST winning season since 2009.


I will think of Jay Cutler’s FACE every single time I hear an overzealous Cowboys fan shout to the heavens about the revival of their dead Carcass of a franchise!

The Bears suck. That is all for now.


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