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Raineman’s Rant: Tom Brady is a Quarterback editor-in-chief Kareem Desroches sounds off on Tom Brady’s snub of the White House in this week’s Raineman’s Rant. Is this really an issue? Or just click bait for BS media outlets? Read on to find out.

This just in: Tom Brady is a Quarterback.

Brady did not travel with the team to the White House this week. I am guessing that this will be a media storm as the media has NOTHING to talk about. But let’s get something clear:

Tom Brady is a QUARTERBACK. He is not an elected official. He is not a police commissioner. He is not a crooked senator. He is a QUARTERBACK. I will use this moment to CRAP on the media, as they seem to care more about what is “trending” versus what is “important.” Tom Brady misses his chance to shake Barack Obama’s hand, and this is more important than all of the corruption going on in society? Why? Because it produces twitter follows? Because it actually matters in the grand scheme of things??

They write about it because people JUMP on stories like this. NOT because it matters at all. Tom Brady is a future first-ballot hall of famer. Tom Brady is one of the best QB’s in the league CURRENTLY and is arguably the best of all time. But Tom Brady does not sign anyone’s paychecks. Tom Brady does not write our laws, and he does not impact the curriculum in the schools that our children attend. The officials that DO impact those things do not get ANY attention from the media.

I do not know if Tom Brady not attending the White House visit was intentional, nor do I CARE. He is a FOOTBALL PLAYER. I do not care about his political opinions, I just want him to win games. Garbage media outlets should find some other BS topic to turn into a headline.

UPDATE: After completing this post, the New York Post offered their take on this topic. Hate on, haters! : )


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