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Raineman’s Rant: You guys sound like LOSERS.

So a few days have passed, and now Bill Belichick lets everyone know that he “has no idea” about the weight of the balls going into the game. National pundits are all saying that he is full of crap + he is throwing his QB under the bus. Raineman’s un-filtered opinion??

You guys all sound like losers.

How? Well… A: You guys really need to go back to getting your own stories. This filler nonsense is really getting ridiculous.). Why are they saying he is full of crap? Their ANSWER is that it is because he IS Bill Belichick. And that is NOT an answer.

I will go ahead and say that most of these media/sportswriters have NO OPINION ON THIS ISSUE WHATSOEVER. Why? Because they are not even beginning to try to explain why this would still be an issue. This is the world that we live in, people. The world where Twitter reigns supreme, and if you cannot reference your tweet, you are nothing.

Per “LEAGUE SOURCES” the balls used by the Patriots in the 2nd half (where they got the bulk of their points from ) had no “deflating” issues. So all of this GARBAGE is due to the “possibly faulty” balls used in the first half only, right??

The Public’s response to this is only PROOF of how badly the Patriots are hated on. Only ONE HALF OF FOOTBALL went by, and you see how many people are still calling for our coach to be FIRED? For us to not even go to the SUPER BOWL?

Seriously…you should all be ashamed of yourselves. I understand that you all hate Bill Belichick, and you hate the New England Patriots…but you all have let the world see that your hatred is bred in absolute stupidity. How do I KNOW it is about the hatred of the team?? See Dez Bryant and his catch that was called a “non-catch”. That call was eviscerated by the masses. Why? Because the masses LIKE the Cowboys (why? Because most of them saw the Cowboys winning around the time where they began to understand football. I feel sorry for you all.) who even have politicians upset over their short-comings.

But people LOVE to HATE the New England Patriots. That is just a fact, plain and simple.

If you want to continue to over-analyze the air in a ball…by all means, go ahead. Come see us when you want to actually talk football and act like you know how it is PLAYED. Until then…see you @ the mother%*cking superbowl, you LOSERS.

Raineman OUT.

I am done.

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