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Rap Flashback – Chino XL

HeretosaveyouallApril 9th 1996 was the release date of Chino XL’s debut album, Here to Save You All.  The album, which featured guest spots from Ras Kass and Kook Keith, peaked at #56 on Billboard’s Hip Hop/R&B charts and featured the single “No Complex”.  Chino XL (Derek Keith Barbosa) is of Puerto Rican and African American descent and is known as accomplished lyricist and battle emcee, incorporating complex word play, rhyme patterns, puns, and metaphors in his lyrics while typically delivering at a rapid fire pace.

Chino XL has dropped 5 albums and several mixtapes since his debut and while none have done as well as his first, he’s highly regarded among underground Hip Hop circles. He also paved another lane for himself, building a noteworthy acting career by making guest appearances on Reno 911 and CSI: Miami. A member of Mensa International (the High IQ Society), Chino XL is proof that there’s a lot more depth to rappers than many typically consider.

We at JP Lime Productions always support creative, thoughtful, & intellectual Hip Hop.  It is for this steadfast belief in the powers of his music that JP Lime salutes Chino XL!

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