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Rap Flashback – EPMD, Strictly Business

Strictly Business coverJune 7th, 1988 (that magical year in Hip Hop) marks the release date of EPMD’s debut album, Strictly BusinessThough the album peaked at a modest 80 on the Billboard charts, it went gold four months after its release, no small feat for a Rap album back in the 80s.  The record also received much critical acclaim (1 of 43 albums to ever receive 5 mics from The Source) and as such has withstood the test of time. 

Still widely renowned as a seminal Golden Age of Hip Hop album, Strictly Business introduced EPMD’s Erick Sermon and Parish Smith to the masses.  They went on to be considered one of the best in Rap History.  Erick Sermon would lend both production and rap credits to many artists, most notably teaming up w/ Method and Redman in the mid-90s to form the super (yet curiously slept on) group, Def Squad – remember El Nino?  True guardians of the funk sound, even before west coast artists would go onto popularize it in the 90s, EPMD dropped a classic w/ Strictly Business and for that, JP Lime Productions salutes you!

“I’m not an emcee who talkin’ all that junk about who can beat who. You sound like a punk.”

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