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Rap Flashback – Krush Groove

Today on the Flashback we remember Krush Groove, originally released on October 25th, 1985.  Krush Groove is one of the first Hip Hop motion pictures.  Not only did the film feature Rap artists, it was entirely about Hip Hop culture as it existed back in the mid-80s.  Filmed in the Bronx, New York and loosely based on the story of Def Jam’s early days, the film starred Blair Underwood as the Russel Simmons character and a slew of prominent Hip Hop artists of the time.  Many of the movie’s acts went on to become legends in the game.

Rick Rubin, Run DMC, LL Cool J, The Fat Boys, The Beastie Boys, New Edition, Sheila E, the Force MD’s and Kurtis Blow all make appearances in the film, sometimes acting and sometimes performing.  Simply put, if you consider yourself a Hip Hop enthusiast and you haven’t watched this movie then you’re not a Hip Hop enthusiast.

While far from a cinematographic gem, the film chronicles a critical point in Hip Hop’s Golden Age and is full of must see musical performances.  It’s a great movie to watch if you’re interested in learning about the early days of Hip Hop culture. Also for what it’s worth, there are some pretty hilarious moments that balance out the “rags to riches” story line.

My personal favorite scene is when The Fat Boys (still known as The Disco Three at this point in the film) raid a Sbarro and deliver a hilarious performance of  “All You Can Eat” while stuffing their faces.  Lamentably, it’s hard to imagine this type of carefree indulgence happening in today’s Hip Hop climate.  Usually we just include one video on Rap Flashback posts, but I couldn’t just leave you with “Krush Groovin”, the title track, given how great the “All You Can Eat” scene is.

So do yourself a favor and rent or download this film, getcha’ popcorn ready, and enjoy a true 80s Hip Hop classic.  Happy Birthday Krush Groove – body movin’!

“$3.99 for all you can eat! 

Well I’m a stuff my face to a funky beat! 

We’re gonna walk inside, and guess what’s up:

Put some food in my plate, and some Coke in my cup!”

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