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Rap Flashback – Naughty by Nature

Today’s Rap Flashback features Naughty by Nature’s self-titled debut album, released on August 3rd, 1991.  The record was powered by the smash hit, suggestive lead single ‘O.P.P.’, an acronym for Other People’s P**** (where the “P”, of course, can be both the female and male reproductive organ – fancy that).  The album catapulted a very successful career for the trio from East Orange, New Jersey. It would be certified platinum by February of 1992 and remains one of, if not the, most popular in the group’s discography.

Naughty By Nature also featured the very successful follow-up single ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’, an introspective track where Treach waxes poetic on the struggles of growing up in the projects. Other standouts such as ‘Yoke the Joker’ (a hard core banger) and ‘Wickedest Man Alive’ (a fun hip hop, reggae, pop blend featuring Queen Latifah) added depth and variety. Later version of the album would feature ‘Uptown Anthem’, the smash single released for the Juice soundtrack in 1992. The end result was a stellar first showing by lead emcee Treach, hype man/back-up emcee Vin Rock, and producer/DJ Kay Gee.

Naughty By Nature appears on The Source’s 1998 list of top 100 album of all time. Its impact has withstood the test of time. The group itself toured to celebrate its 25th anniversary and remains a relevant staple of old school Hip Hop, as evidence by their recent performance at the 2016 VH1’s Hip Hop Honors, where they helped celebrate the career of perhaps their most important mentor, Queen Latifah.  With tracks like ‘O.P.P.’, ‘Hip Hop Hooray’, and ‘Feel Me Flow’ often appearing on throwback playlists, Naughty By Nature’s impact on Hip Hop is certainly secured, in no small part due to the success of their eponymous debut.

As such, for dropping a phenomenal record and providing Hip Hop with the perfect blend of hard core street edge and pop appeal, today at JP Lime Production we salute Naughty By Nature!  We’re definitely down with O.P.P. and we know you are too.

“It’s sorta like another way to call a cat a kitten.  It’s five little letters that I’m missing here.”