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Rap Flashback – Schoolly D

Schoolly-DFor today’s Rap Flashback we’re taking it way back, as June 22nd 1962 marks the birthday of Philly’s Schoolly D.  Schoolly D’s rap career took off in the mid-80s and he’s best known for the classic Rap track, ‘P.S.K. What Does It Mean’, released in 1985 on Schoolly’s own independent label, Schoolly D Records.  Schoolly’s credited with being one of the first artists to introduce a hardcore element to Hip Hop music, rapping about sex, drugs, and violence.  Ice T in fact considers Schoolly as being the first gangsta rapper.  When asked about the origins of gansta Rap in a 2007 interview with Davey D, Ice had this to say:

Here’s the exact chronological order of what really went down: The first record that came out along those lines was Schoolly D‘s ‘P.S.K.’ Then the syncopation of that rap was used by me when I made Six In The Morning. The vocal delivery was the same: ‘…P.S.K. is makin’ that green’, ‘…six in the morning, police at my door’. When I heard that record I was like “Oh shit!” and call it a bite or what you will but I dug that record. My record didn’t sound like P.S.K., but I liked the way he was flowing with it. P.S.K. was talking about Park Side Killers but it was very vague. That was the only difference, when Schoolly did it, it was “…one by one, I’m knockin’ em out”. All he did was represent a gang on his record. I took that and wrote a record about guns, beating people down, and all that with Six In The Morning.


Schoolly’s influence was also evident beyond the 80s as ‘P.S.K.’  was resurrected on Notorious B.I.G.’s 1997 release, Life After Death as the quick hitting ‘B.I.G. Interlude’.  For that classic track as well as groundbreaking content, Schoolly D, JP Lime salutes you!

“One by one I knocks ’em out”


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