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Rap Flashback – Whut? Thee Album

Though a day late, today on the Flashback we feature Reggie ‘Redman’ Noble’s debut album, ‘Whut? Thee Album’ – released on September 22nd, 1992.  ‘Whut? Thee Album’ was powered by the smashing lead single ‘Time 4 Sum Aksion’ and successful follow-ups ‘Blow Your Mind’ and ‘Tonight’s Da Night’.  The album also gave us our first glimpse into the life of ‘Sooperman Lover,’ Redman’s raunchy Rap alter ego.  Redman would continue to use the ‘Sooperman Lover’ character in his upcoming albums, detailing the X rated yet hysterical tales of his sexual escapades, not unlike many of Too Short’s raps but in a much funnier way.  Eric Sermon and Paris Smith (along w/ Pete Rock and Mr. Bozack) gave the album that classic, funky EPMD sound while Redman’s rugged voice and sometimes hard-core, sometimes hilarious, and always potent rhymes complemented the production perfectly.

Widely regarded as a Hip Hop classic as well as one of Redman’s signature albums (with ‘Muddy Waters’ being his other oft highly praised work), ‘Whut?’ quickly and deservingly catapulted Redman into the upper echelon of Rap’s lyrical elite.  Simply put, you can’t have a ‘best lyricists’ debate without including Redman in the conversation (easily top 10 in this Scholar’s opinion).  20 years later, the album is still a great listen for anyone who appreciates funky beats and witty story-telling with that hard-core edge, and for that we salute you, Redman!

“I crush your whole brain frame  

’cause you couldn’t maintain the funk 

that have your rap style for lunch, chump!”


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