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Rap Flashback, Year End Review

green cassette tape rap flashback year end reviewHappy New Year’s Eve Lime Nation!
One of our favorite parts of 2014 here at #JPLMagazine has been bringing you our monthly editions of the #RapFlashback, Scholar’s one-of-a-kind dose of Hip Hop History. We began in April and with each month we profiled some of the art-form’s most influential and noteworthy album releases, birthdays and other milestones. WATCH NOW as we look back at some of the highlights of our first year in a SPECIAL EDITION ‘Rap Flashback, Year End Review’.

Opening and Bad Boys’ September ’94

August – Yo! MTV Raps

Birthday Highlights


Wardrobe Selections

Prof Onscreen

Album Release Highlights

And Then There Was the Time They Did This to Me

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