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Rap Madness – Final Four

And then there were Four!  Welcome back to our action-packed tournament, where four artists have decisively cut their way through to the end and now square off for the position of Biggest Impact on Hip-Hop. 
Throughout our tournament and discussions, we’ve tried to keep the bias of personal taste out of the equation as much as possible, instead evaluating, based on a variety of factors, the Impact that artist has made.  One bias we haven’t sought to avoid was the desire to see one or more of our #1 seeds fall, if possible and plausible.  In spite of this, each #1 has stomped their way into the Final Four, mostly decisively but with a couple close matches, truly earning their spots as hip-hop’s most Impactful.
A double bill for the ages, Saturday’s action begins as the Real Slim Shady attempts to topple the monolith of Biggie Smalls.  Can Em’s revolutionary wordplay and the top sales in hip-hop give him the edge over Notorious’ legacy and two near-perfect albums?  For our second half, Thug Life meets Roc Nation when Tupac and Jay-Z battle it out.  The preacher versus the mogul, Larger Than Life takes on Bigger Than Death.  Who will land the final shot? 

For the final matches, instead of us choosing the winners, you our friends and fans will be determining the outcome.  We’ve posted two polls on our Facebook page, one for each match in our Final Four.  Go and vote for the artists you think have made the greatest total Impact on hip-hop and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section.  On Saturday, we’ll be posting our analyses, along with the official results so make sure to tune in.  Thanks for playing along and Lime On.

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